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[Guide] The Strength Sadida

By KeKlan#6144 March 25, 2009, 21:12:13
[Guide] The Strength Sadida
(or something that's close to it)

(this guide has been posted on for some time, I have updated it today and have decided to post / maintain a copy here to reach a wider audience and hopefully get some more feedback as from now I will hopefully be actively maintaining it)

For anybody that doesn't know me, I am Dark-Georgina. At the time of writing this guide I am a L192 Sadida on the UK server (Shika), I am the highest level Sadida on the server and inside the top 100 highest level Sadida across all servers.

Having been back in the game after a seven month break on my Sadida I've decided to update this guide and hopefully help out anyone looking for new information.

I was going to wait until the next update is released but I am leaving the game again and feel it's best to post now. I will be leaving almost all the existing information in its place (with minor changes to wording / grammar) but adding extra information where applicable.

Since returning I have got my Sadida to L197 and have improved the character quite considerably, although it is debatable whether or not I'm as good at the game before I had my break. If you're wondering why I'd say this... let's just say you should take everything you read here with a pinch of salt - think about it and make your own decisions.

It is more a collection of my thoughts / experience with the class loosely fit into a guide. Hopefully someone will find it useful. Through the guide I will try to be honest about my character and hopefully give some insight into how a high level Sadida is built.

I'm writing this in quite a rush and I'm aware I have a tendency to waffle on a bit when writing guides, so I will try to be as concise and to the point as I can.


You should gather from the title of this guide that I am going to suggest putting your points into Strength from level 1. Before you start though you should consider the impact that scrolling will make to your character's characteristics later in the game.

Personally I have not scrolled my primary characteristic, Strength, but I have scrolled my other characteristics. Believe me it makes a considerable impact to your character's overall ability to do so.

If you do decide to scroll your primary characteristic you have two choices, the first is to scroll immediately (not raising with points until it reaches 101), the second is to use the new character-reset dungeons to scroll at a later point in the game. If you choose either path be sure to stick to it - don't waste time / Kamas scrolling other characteristics past 25 if you're going to reset and don't use characteristic points if until you're at 101 Strength until you get there.

As suggested earlier you should raise Strength with characteristic points from level 1. There is no reason not to do this. Continue to raise Strength to at least 300 base, after that the choice is yours.

If you choose not to scroll your secondary characteristics, I would recommend putting ALL points into Strength even after 300 base. Whenever possible invest to get Wisdom, Chance and Agility to at least 25 base.

To me, the priority of the scrolled characteristics mentioned above is: Wisdom, Agility then Chance.

My build:
My base characteristics at L192 are as follows:
Vitality: 51
Strength: 300
Intelligence: 130
Wisdom: 200
Chance: 101
Agility: 101

My base characteristics at L197 are as follows:
Vitality: 68
Strength: 300
Intelligence: 142
Wisdom: 200
Chance: 101
Agility: 101

All characteristics (excluding Vitality and Strength) were scrolled to 101. Vitality has been scrolled to 51 and Strength was not scrolled. If I had scrolled Strength to 101 prior to raising my other characteristics I would have more than 200 base Intelligence as well.

You may wonder why I have decided to raise Wisdom to 200 base. Personally I do not like the idea of 4:1 characteristic points. I would rather spend the points into a secondary characteristic after the primary has reached this stage. Once I reached 300 base Strength I decided that my Sadida would benefit from having high wisdom, I found that having extra AP/MP resist % helps a lot in PvM and PvP and the extra XP is always a nice bonus.

At 200 base Wisdom I decided the pump Intelligence. Sadida benefit from increased damage on the fire based spells and also improve in efficiency if ever called to heal (with Cawwot) or shielding themselves with a borrowed shield.

After my return to the game I had planned to use the Reset dungeons to drop my characteristics back to 101 after I finished scrolling Vitality, and reinvest my points as follows (assuming L199): Strength 300, Wisdom 200, Vitality 194, Agility 101, Chance 101, Intelligence 101.


I'm not going to go too in-detail here, you can view the spell effects through the game client if you need to know them. Majority of these you will instantly see the usefulness of, those that you don't... I'll cover them later on.

the essentials

The following spells I believe you must level as high as possible as a Strength Sadida:

Bramble - your main attack spell, solid ranged damage.
Manifold Bramble - your best AoE spell, solid ranged damage over a HUGE area.
Wild Grass - MP reduction + good damage at late levels.
Insolent Bramble - 100% Unbewitchment = Win

These spells will provide the foundation of your character's build.

good vibrations

The following spells I believe you should level as high as possible to be an effective Sadida (of any build):

Poisoned Wind - amazing farming spell, solid damage bewitchment over huge AoE along with a cruelly overpowered Intelligence debuff.
Earthquake - amazing farming spell, solid damage bewitchment over huge AoE.

In combination with these you should also level Silvan Power to L5 to enable quick / easy farming of resources / XP as soon as you can fit yourself into an 8AP set.

the level sixers

The following spells I believe you should level as high as possible, but only once they can be pushed to L6:

The Sacrificial Doll - great damage summon, 2AP and only (natural) source of Air damage for a Sadida.
Dolly Sacrifice - amazing HP steal, low AP cost and consistent damage very very useful against summoning enemies or to feed of your own summons.
Aggressive Brambles - intense ranged damage, totally devastating with ½ Critical Hits.
The Block - your saviour and favourite snack. Incredibly versatile and useful summon.
Bush Fire - off-element ranged damage. Low AP cost and huge damage potential.

meh, there's more!

The following spells are very very useful, but do not need to be raised as high as possible, you will benefit greatly from levelling them to at least the suggested level:

Soothing Bramble - undodgeable ranged MP reduction, negligible heal, raise to L5 for maximum range and minimum cool down.
The Inflatable - minor heals + MP buff summon, raise to L5 for best buffs, heals and cool down.
Release - all-around push back spell, raise to L4 for 3AP cost.
Leek Pie - low-damage & low-cost ranged attack. Useful buffing spell. Raise to L3 for 3 hits per target per turn.

och the luxury... is this sadi heaven?

The following spells are far from essentials but will definitely prove useful if you can level them as high as possible:

Moon Hammer - off-element ranged damage, huge damage potential range reduction for several turns.
Perfidious Boomerang - off-element (sometimes) ranged damage, huge damage potential and large HP steal.
Tree - big HP LoS blocker. Depending on your personal convictions you may have levelled The Block over this.
Cawwot - medium HP LoS blocker with small heals.
Knowledge of Dolls - extra summons.

Weapon Skills - hit harder for a short space of turns, you can manage without but end-game and in PvP big hits and bring big rewards.

ZOMG let's level all spe.... stop! no more!

The following spells should not be levelled:

Tear - chance Sadida spell it's not going to be useful for you.
Paralyzing Poison - in its current form this is useless... end of.
Summoning the Chaferfu - mid HP ,high AP cost summon, attacks you more often than your enemies.
Striking - medium damage, high AP, surround AoE. Increase in damage is not worth the high AP cost at all levels.

Soul Capture + Mount Taming - highly situational, good enough at L1 (if you do raise consider L6 for the bonuses it can give).

...situational summons
These following spells I personally believe most Sadida won't have use for. With that said they are situational and it can be better to have them for the situations where they're needed:

The Madoll - unreliable MP / AP reduction too easily killed to be truely useful. There are positives though - any MP / AP reductions it makes are useful to you, and the AP cost spent to summon him will often be used by an opponent to remove it. This is your only natural AP removal spell... that could be reason enough to level it.
The Ultra-Powerful - high AP cost summon with a long cool down. With a few turns under its belt it can build up quite a few Swindlings, who can slow down entire mobs of opponents and reduce their MP resistances (handy for boss fights). It alsoboost its own HP as well as other summons throughout its life. For most Sadida, it's unlikely you'll have the spell points free to boost this.

My build:
This is my spell build at L192.

Remaining spell points: 1

Earthquake - L6
Poisoned Wind - L6
Bramble - L6
Manifold Bramble - L6
Bush Fire - L6
The Block - L6
Dolly Sacrifice - L6
The Sacrificial Doll - L6
Axe Skill - L6
Staff Skill - L6
Insolent Bramble - L6
The Inflatable - L5
Soothing Bramble - L5
Silvan Power - L5
Release - L4
Leek Pie - L3
Tree - L3 (attempting to raise to L6 at the time of writing)
The Ultra-Powerful - L1
The Maddoll - L1
Paralyzing Poison - L1
Moon Hammer - L1
Soul Capture - L1
Summoning the Chaferfu - L1
Mount Taming - L1
Striking - L1
Tear - L1
Knowledge of Dolls - L1

My spell build at L197:

Remaining spell points: 0

Earthquake - L6
Poisoned Wind - L6
Bramble - L6
Manifold Bramble - L6
Bush Fire - L6
The Block - L6
Dolly Sacrifice - L6
The Sacrificial Doll - L6
Staff Skill - L6
Insolent Bramble - L6
Tree - L6
The Maddoll - L6
Knowledge of Dolls - L6
Soul Capture - L6
The Inflatable - L5
Soothing Bramble - L5
Silvan Power - L5
The Ultra-Powerful - L5
Release - L4
Leek Pie - L3
Paralyzing Poison - L1
Moon Hammer - L1
Summoning the Chaferfu - L1
Mount Taming - L1
Striking - L1
Tear - L1
Axe Skill - L1

I have chosen to level spells for the following reasons:
  • Improved damage / effect,
  • Improved range,
  • Improved cool down,
  • Improved AP cost (fitting into combos is useful).
If you cannot find one of the above reasons to raise one of the spells, I would argue that there is little point of raising it. If you don't use a spell (and can't see yourself in a situation you'd need to use it) I'd make the same argument.


Equipment is usually a case of making do with what you have, you just have to find something that works for you. I will offer little advice here.

Generally though, you want 7AP at least in early levels to allow for Bramble + Manifold and Bramble + Sac Doll combinations.

If you have chosen to level the +damage spells you will want at least 8AP from L48 and as many +damage items as you can fit onto your body.

Pre L100 the general rule is high Wisdom items with as much Strength and Damages as possible while maintaining 7AP or more, a set like the one below is a nice base:
  • Korko Kousto,
  • Farle's Ears,
  • Grazor,
  • Xerbo,
  • Orino Boots,
  • Farle Wedding Rings (x2),
  • Aga'dou Staff.
At L101+ you will likely want 9AP for 2x Bramble and Manifold combinations, later on you will benefit a lot from 10AP and getting even more options open to you (especially in weapon choices).

The Moowolf Set is a very useful for getting 10AP while keeping reasonably decent characteristics. When you get to around L14X it is something you should very seriously consider obtaining (along with a Gelano). The Soft Oak Set is also very useful, consider pairing it with a Wand of Limbo and Gelano for 10AP/6MP setup.

Later on... I'm sure you'll be able to work it out yourself by then.

There is one further item that I will mention as being worth investing in. The Hai Ring is an excellent investment if you can obtain one, non-linear Wild Grass and +30 Critical Hits to Aggressive Brambles will make you a much more formidable Sadida.

My equipments:
  • Full Moowolf Set,
  • Gelano,
  • Dragon Pig Ring,
  • Ancestral Ring,
  • Earlik Branch,
  • Dreggon Daggers,
  • Sick Axe,
  • Dreggon Staff.
As you can see there's a lot of room for improvement. I've attempted a ½ Critical Hit set using Solomonk, Event Belt, Farle Wedding Rings & an alternative weapon but despite the big hits the lack of range and AP is a lot to lose and very difficult to be accustomed to.


Pets and Mounts are extremely useful to gain extra characteristics. You should consider obtaining them as soon as possible so that you can increase the bonuses they give for when you use them.
The pets I'd suggest obtaining are:
  • Earth Bwak - Strength / Pods / Initiative (initiative may no longer be a bonus after next update)
  • Nomoon - Prospecting (consider using a Crowdzilla until Nomoon reaches 41 PP, it'll be quicker to raise)
  • Pink Dragoone - Wisdom
  • Atooin - Damage thanks bi-haku - can't believe I forgot this little fella!
These pets are great because of the sizeable bonuses they give, as well as the easy feeding schedules / meals.

As for mounts, the first one I see as being useful to a Strength Sadida is Crimson / Ivory. These don't exist on my server so I have no intention on really recommending one.

My Pets:
  • Earth Bwak (+80 Str),
  • Nomoon (+29 Prospecting),
  • Pink Dragoone (+55 Wisdom).
In my opinion a solid enough variety until a decent Dragoturkey becomes available to replace the Bwak. If you're really critical I could quickly raise a Baby Crowzilla to +40 Prospecting to use until the Nomoon reaches that characteristic. It's not going to happen though.

Dofus Eggs

The slots for these Eggs should be viewed as essentially free characteristics. Attempt to get as many of these as possible. The Dofawa (+1 Vitality), Cawwot Dofus (+6 - 50 Wisdom) and Kaliptus Dofus (+6 - 30 Prospecting) are all relatively easy to obtain from dungeons / quest, try to obtain them as soon as possible.

The rarer Dofus Eggs aren't worth striving for too much - but they are an incredible bonus if you can obtain one. If you do obtain one, do not under any circumstance sell it. The known existing 'rare' Dofus Eggs are listed below:
  • Dofus Vulbis (+1MP) - Rare drop from Crocabulia,
  • Ochre Dofus (+1AP) - Reward from the epic 'Eternal Harvest' quest,
  • Crimson Dofus (+26 - 50% damage) - Rare drop from Minotoror,
  • Turquoise Dofus (+11 - 20 Critical Hits) - Rare drop from Soft Oak & Dragon Pig.
  • Emerald Dofus (+51 - 100 Life) - Rare drop from Eratz the Protester, Dark Vlad (and DV dopple).
I'll reiterate - if you get any of these Dofus Eggs do not sell it! You will most definitely regret it later on.

My Dofus Eggs:
  • Cawwot Dofus (+47 Wisdom),
  • Kaliptus Dofus (+21 Prospecting),
  • Dofawa (+1 Vitality).
Room for improvement again, but these are medium-to-high rolls and I'm more than happy with them.


Levelling is quite easy once you learn the basics. The basic rules:
  1. Keep Wisdom as high as possible without crippling your character.
  2. Keep XP/Minute as high as possible (remember that killing 3 mobs in 10 minutes that give 30.000xp each is better than killing one mob that gives 75.000xp).
  3. Keep yourself healed and with high energy. The worst thing you can do when levelling is ghosting / rest - it's just dead time. Keep your energy high so you don't ghost and keep yourself healed so you're not waiting to recover through sitting (or other methods).
  4. Kill ALL mobs that you can, if something isn't perfect level cap kill it anyway. Don't waste your time looking for the perfect mob.
  5. Move maps, do not stay on one map constantly - the XP penalty will eventually screw you over and heck - if you're wiping the monsters out effectively you're probably wasting time waiting for new spawns.
  6. Switch areas, if you don't want to get sick of levelling you are best to switch areas / monsters that you fight often. Not only will this give you a variety in what you're having to fight making the game less boring but it will hopefully also improve your skills with the character.
  7. [*]Ignore worthless challenges, if the challenge you are given isn't going to give you a considerable XP gain consider ignoring it. Any extra time spent on challenges is time wasted if the rewards aren't good.Another thing that's very worthwhile considering when selecting a levelling spot is what the monsters in that spot drop in terms of resources. There are some areas that give decent XP (not the best) but also give very nice drops as well. Remember that the more you level the more likely you are to need new equipment. You can either buy or hunt your equipments - if you're making money while levelling it reduces the need to consign yourself to long hunts to improve the equipment. In short: the less time you spend hunting gears the more time you can spend levelling.

    Levelling Spots

    Generally I've found the best levelling spots are a pain to travel to. More often than not the groups of monsters have higher stars built up against them than those that are easily accessible.

    After I returned to Dofus I started hunting stars more and more often, some of my favourite spots to find them were as follows:
    • The Evil Forest
    • Swamps
    • Brakmar Cemetary
    • Otomai's Island
    • Cania Bay + Minotoror Island
    • The Dreggon Sanctuary
    Of course, these are just hot spots on the server Shika, you should explore your own server to find these spots. When you find them it's best to not let people catch on to how good the hunting is there. It's also beneficial to work out how long it takes for the mobs to build up stars safely, and clear them out whenever they do.

    There are obviously certain monsters that I have found very quick & easy solo XP, here is a brief list below:
    • Chafers,
    • Ghosts (Brak Cemetary),
    • Bworks,
    • Dreggons,
    • Ouginaks,
    • Greedovres,
    • Kitsou,
    • Firefoux,
    • Panda(kaze, lum, dit),
    • Boowolfs,
    • Troolls
    • Chief Crocodyls
    • Grossewar Rats
    • Kaniger
    The Block

    The Block kicks ass, in fact it kicks enough ass to get its own section in this guide. It is your best summon but you need to know how to use it.

    The main use of the block is to act as a distraction and LoS blocker. Often enemies will waste attacks on the block rather than you (Sewer Keeper for example) or will have to kill it to open up a path that they can attack you through.

    The Block Lock

    The block has relatively high Agility, and can be useful in PvP and PvM to dodge-lock enemies.

    There are two variations on this trick, the first is useful against weaker enemies which cannot easily kill the block in a single turn. Simply cast block next to them and attack away. This variation is also very useful in PvP for dealing with summons (especially that pesky Sram Double), simply cast release and drop the block next to the double. Most Sram's will have enough Agility to prevent the block dodging the double and the double is content to stand next to the block all day.

    The second variation is used against most powerful enemies. After summoning the block you cast Silvan Power onto it. This will remove all of it's MP and give it huge Physical and Magical reductions. In PvP this can trap an enemy for several turns and in PvM most monsters will always attempt to dodge it often skipping their turns leaving you free to smash their faces in. See screenshot:

    The Block Heal

    This trick is useful in a tight spot if you're suffering from a bloody encounter. Each turn you can summon the block and cast Dolly Sacrifice to steal half the damage done to it. As the block has Air weakness this can provide quite nice heals for 5AP every turn. See screenshot:

    It's worth noting that this is a secondary function of The Block, if you find you're using your Blocks only to heal you may be better investing spell points into Tree instead, it is far better to heal from.

    A visit to the Kanjedo

    There are some spells that are somwhat similar in their uses to a Sadida. I haven't really touched on them in enough detail above.

    Bramble vs. Bush Fire

    Earlier in the guide I have recommended that Bush Fire is almost essential at L6. I know a lot of Sadida will be thinking WTF this is crazy, why would any Strength character level this spell?

    Firstly I'll start by showing the damage (using the same gear) from both spells. The gears used do favour Bush Fire slightly but still give fairly decent Bramble hits. It is a viable set though with the setup I have - Strength: 616, Chance: 165, Intelligence: 183, Agility: 256, % Damage: 40, +Damage: 58, AP: 9, MP: 4, +Range: 5, HP: 2086, Initiative: 2918.

    Bramble Hits:

    Bush Fire Hits:

    Bramble is an amazing spell no doubt, it has better range than Bush Fire and it is also obtained much earlier in the game. It benefits greatly from your primary characteristic.

    After you get Bush Fire at L6 it matches Bramble for AP cost but also has 1 less range than Bramble. Even though it is off-element the damage is fairly consistent and in most cases is actually higher than Bramble's. It is also very useful when you consider that it doesn't have a cast per target per turn limit like Bramble, meaning that you can keep on casting it on the same opponent until you run out of AP.

    Bramble will often fair better against fixed resistances and reflects as it will only get one reduction/reflect and Bush Fire will get 2. If you ever come across someone with good Magical Reduction on their gears you will hate yourself if you use Bush Fire.

    All in all, Bush Fire is a nice spell to have in your arsenal even if you are a Strength Sadida - there will be times where it's useful to be able to hit in a different element from range and it will be your answer to that problem.

    Thank you

    Anyone who survived reading this guide so far deserves some credit, I hope that it has been useful.

    I will be adding to this guide at a later date and hopefully improving and expanding on what's already here, so it doesn't appear to be done in such a rush.

    If anyone has and feedback / questions / suggestion please feel free to reply to this thread.

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Excellent guide, funnily no one has yet replied to this! (Although Ive read it on imps already smile)
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This is pretty much a spell guide, but great guide none the less!
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Personally I found the Ultra Powerful to be indespensible. It's a great little summon and well worth leveling.
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I wish I could just save this guide so I don't have to look for it because right now I have a level 60 Sadida and I think this guide would help! smile
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I wish I could just save this guide so I don't have to look for it because right now I have a level 60 Sadida and I think this guide would help! smile

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thisgameizfun|2011-01-17 20:40:35
I wish I could just save this guide so I don't have to look for it because right now I have a level 60 Sadida and I think this guide would help! smile

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formulamonster|2011-01-17 20:43:29
thisgameizfun|2011-01-17 20:40:35
I wish I could just save this guide so I don't have to look for it because right now I have a level 60 Sadida and I think this guide would help! smile
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