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By Yaxalt - SUBSCRIBER - October 09, 2011, 00:31:07

Hello all,

First off please dont mind minor spelling mistake. English is my secondary language tongue

So my eni is close to hitting 180 and I got kind of bored with soft oak set. So I want something else.
I already checked wikia for some suggestions, but I just can't seem to find a set that fulfill my wishes. (custom or real set)

So i thought id hit the forums to check for suggestions.

Here is something i would like:

- Decent int (I got now a bonus of 465, may be some more, that would be lovely)
- Some nice vitality (since i am often on the edge of deaht, could me style of playing thoug bonus is 1575)
- Some nice wis (gonna need it to eventually hit 200 ^^)
- 10 ap (wich is a must, right now im equipped with a thrusty staff, so 10 ap + 2 from stim would be lovely ^^)

A thanks in advance from me.

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Fairly sure my Eni's set is viewable from it's character page but incase it is not let me send you some words of advice as I was once in your shoes.

I also tried to use the forums for advice on a set once upon a time and never really got much good advice, so maybe I can change that for you. Instead of going with the few responses I had from a forum posted on another account of mine, I set out to wikia and my local markets in search of intel pieces. This is what i came up with (note my Eni was 160's I believe when I equipped this set but it will definitely work until your end of game set):

  • Just in advance this IS more of a +Heals build as my eni is mostly for support, BUT at lvl 184 my Eni does have 925 intel including her mount.
  • Also I'll just be throwing out some of the base stats (vit, intel, heals, wisdom, AP/MP) so you can get a brief overview.
  • Soft Oak Talisman: 189 vit, 50 intel, 9 damage, 8 heals, 23 wisdom, 1 AP (nothing special but the heals make it okay).
  • Wreck Ring: 145 vit, 45 intel, 25 wisdom, 1 summon, 10 heals (Love this ring).
  • Minotot Belt: 233 vit, 50 intel, 36 wisdom, 8% damage, 1 summon, 8 heals (great vit and heals especially for its lvl @ 149).
  • Minotot Sandals: 184 vit, 61 intel, 1 MP, 1 Range, 10 Damage, 6 Heals
  • Minotot Headgear: 150 vit, 58 intel, 33 wisdom, 25% damage, 4 crits, 8 heals (3 pieces of minotot set are a 20 intel, 20 chance, 2 heals bonus).
  • Gelano: 1 AP, 34 intel (BLEHH)
  • Little Red Waddling Cape: 80 intel, 48 wisdom, 8 damage, 10 heals (Some love it others hate it for the lack of hp, but I personally admire it's stats).
  • Axe Cidental: 193 vit, 65 intel, 39 wisdom, 5 crits, 10 heals You mentioned you have thrusty, but again mine is more support, but this being fire maged does the damage when needed with a little AP steal as well).
  • Topped with Plum/Orchid Turkey

2364 hp, 9 AP (I know you need 10), 4 MP, 925 intel (scrolled 101), 362 wisdom (scrolled 101), 62 heals, and a low 9 crits which will change drastically at 191+

Obviously this is just my set, most of the pieces are rather low lvl pieces but my head is in the clouds waiting for my end of game set. Still with this current set I do decent damage and the heals are on par if not above most other Enis I ever see.

Throwing my hard work out there for if anything something for you to compare to,

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THank you verry much!

You really helped me, just need to figure out how im gonna get that last AP but that wont be that much of a problem I guess haha.

Once more; THank you ! biggrin 

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Very glad I could help smile

As far as that last AP.... Either exotic mage or Ochre? ^.^

Haha again glad I could help a bit!

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