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By TrevThaBossMan - SUBSCRIBER - November 15, 2014, 22:57:27

Hello All! I'm building me a beautiful eniripsa. I was looking for some insight on the build (of course). Support doesn't matter to me so much as I mainly just solo, because not many people care to PvM in groups. As well I do PvP and i know the two builds I'm looking into have good survivability. Anyways, I was wondering if I should go in as a Intel Eni being able to deal decent dmg with forbidden and wands as well as do some self healing and ally healing or go in as a Cha or Cha/Agi Eni. Dealing awesome damage with steal and self heal. Also, I saw a pair of 2 Enis in Kolo that made me consider Cha/Agi as they have 12ap + 2 from stim and would do Vamp x2 Wounding x2 and deal near 1.5k damage. It was atrocious and amazing. Easily wrecked my Omni Ecaflip (these Enis was around 140 and my Eca was 155).

Thanks in advance

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Since you're going PvP/Solo then ofc go with cha/agi, Vampyric Word steals hp anyways.

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You seem to know the difference between them.
and that is a good point.

You just need to make up your mind, and choose what are you willing to do.

First, people play pvm and pvm in groups,
and healer eni is required in both, and actually some places groups wont do well without Healer eni on their side.

Few dungeons can be soloed especially advanced and high levels also monster groups and souls,
so always people play pvm in teams.

And PvP is always in groups, rarely 1 vs 1 fights in AvA mode,
and always a healer eni is appreciated.

You need to keep these points in mind

Intelligence eni

will serve you well both in pvm and pvp,
ofc it will be best for group fighting, and a great support for a team and the best help for surviving in solo and in group fights.

Int eni will do you good damage and good healing.
you can also have agility bonus that will help you with Lock/dodge and extra damage spell.
But you already have diversity and you can do great damage, with spells and weapons.

Chance eni.

Will serve you in pvp, where it has better damage.
Agility is a bonus for you for lock/dodge and an extra damage spell, but you need to get good set with good stats.

There's a problem with cha eni, witch is there's no diversity and only 1 spell you have to deal damage and it's in straight line, and that is a major drawback.
But it will deal great damage.
and healing bonus, could be helpful for you with stealing but not a lot for your team.

You can only heal with Recavery and Alturism. ( they have cooldown and downsides ).

Also in pvp you can avoid chance eni hitting you with it's only straight line spell,

Mp removing, locking and calculating Mp, so that he can't come in straight line with you,
and that is a great disadvantage.

If it comes to me intelligence is better,

the damage is great and you can survive better,also team help is great and you have diversity, few drawbacks

You have great support for a team, and for yourself,
there are kolo fights where Intelligence Eni can serve way better than Chance.
and sometimes where chance eni is useless in the point where the opposing team will destroy movements.

So definitely Int Eni will have more advantage in general.

It's your choice at the end so think about it and figure out what will serve you well.

and good luck.

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I'm a solo player,always have been,random groups are a headache and grouping in general takes a lot more time than i can afford to spend.

What I've learned is that you always go with the high damage build,by killing fast you reduce the total damage you will receive in a fight,you get faster XP,ofc faster dopple time,great XP . Vampiric W. along with Preventing and WoR will provide all the support you will ever need.

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Pvm and Pvp are mostly group fights,

So if you do not have a pvp team for kolo, you will try to go with random,
and even with a random team, you are still playing a team fight and supporting your team is critical.
Getting a noob team in random is another matter and it doesn't affect the build choice you want.

Chance eni has great damage and support for himself but lacks support diversity and team support.
When playing solo it would be nice, but in a team it will be most of the times frustrating.

and most is team play so you need to focus more on supporting with the healer character.

As for solo dopples, and small pvm mobs, a cha eni will finish fight a bit faster,
but when intelligence is used and you have good equips, you can get close the time required.

And as for exp, well bigger fights will give you higher exp.
even if it took a bit more time and requires a group to fight.

In Solo you are limited to certain monster groups that you can finish alone, so group fighting big mobs will lead to better exp.
and if you calculate the time with a gd group you can gain exp much faster.

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