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Equipment tips?

By Zartoran - SUBSCRIBER - March 24, 2015, 23:03:45

Hey everyone!

After not playing for a long time I returned to find there is now a class swap service! So I decided to change my level 191 character to an eniripsa because the leveling of an eni is the thing that always kept me from getting one.

Though I'm a little confused as to what gear I should get.
My main goal is to help people like in dungeons or farming or maybe even pvp if that is at all possible.

What I'm mainly looking for is intelligence, heals, resistance and wisdom. I saw some items from the stringsecticide set and I think it's a good start. I'm not 200 yet after all.

What items do you suggest or should I change the priority of things I'm looking for?

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Well, my eni is going to use gladiator bwork until Otomai set. I think it is the core for the set.

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Zartoran|2015-03-24 23:03:45
because the leveling of an eni is the thing that always kept me from getting one

Was the past time of Eniripsa. Nowadays I gotta say Eniripsa is probably on par with some other class like Iop, Cra, and Sacrier for examples that are the easiest classes to level up, that is if you play the following builds while doing the leveling up. I am speaking strictly effectively leveling up alone (Playing Solo), of course all classes each need the same amount of experience to gain each level (Can always change once level 200): Chance Eniripsa, Strength Iop, Intelligence Cra, and Chance Sacrier.

As for equipments, depends on whether you're going for a healbot or a battler since that's the two main and possibly the only two options there are to playing this class. Healbots focus mostly on having (in order of priority) high vitality, intelligence, and heals. Battlers focus on having high elemental stat, +elemental damage, and vitality. Resistance is good to have no matter what you play your character in (PvM or PvP), though quite frankly in comparison, the importance of resistances surely is much lesser in PvM than PvP. It's not something you should focus too much attention on unless you are building literally your "endgame" set (most likely a level 200 set, whatever you'd wear at level 200 at least)

Most people recommend the Antyklime Ax Set for Healbots with pieces from Otomai Set as fillers. Definitely a good set to have, albeit the big -Critical Damage the whole set gives, which can be maged off but practically pointless if you're playing strictly a healbot.

Battlers on the other hand are likely to pick Otomai Set as the "core" set with either Inky Veil or Nileza's Cloak, Bearbaric Band, Kringlove, Anium Ligature. Sets used in the old days are still usable obviously, but in comparison with the newer stuff it's just out of fashion and far out-matched.

I am not sure what a omni-eniripsa would use before level 200, but afterwards most likely the same set any other omni build uses; Treadfast.

After you reach level 200 though if you stick with intelligence, regardless if you play you eniripsa as a healbot or a battler you might be using the Age Old Set, pieces of Otomai Set, Inky Veil or Nileza's Cloak. Of course there are some who sticks to the Antyklime Set for eternity.

Dofus and Trophies: Emerald Dofus, Ochre Dofus, Ice Dofus, Crimson Dofus, Vulbis Dofus, Cawwot Dofus, Dolmanax, Major Scholar, Major Brainbox (I'd think twice before using this, depend on total vitality), Major Healer, Major Doctor (I'd think twice before using this too, depend on total vitality), Jackanapes, Voyager. Mix it yourself depending what you can afford, have, and really want. You can only equip 6 though so choose wisely, just remember one thing here and that's to refrain from sacrificing Vitality (especially if you are playing a healbot) as much as possible.

Pet/Petsmount/Dragoturkey: Likely a Brulay (this one I think is worth sacrificing the 100 vitality for), a red Piwin, Plum/Orchid Dragoturkey, or Plum/Emerald Dragoturkey. Whatever you choose, don't bother with +Heals pets. It isn't effective use of your pet slot at high level, a mere 10~11 increase in heals won't make much a difference.

I suppose I ought to have read more carefully since all my gear suggestions are for post level 191, though it would save you a lot of trouble meddling around with sets which can waste both time and kamas if you could just hold out for a few levels before getting the gears I suggested. If I remember correctly though before level 191 many int characters are still using the Tengu Snowfoux Set they started using since level 178. If your character was one from the old days, it could mean Gladiator Bwork Set or Stringsecticide Set. 
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Thanks for your help MadSock, I was using gladiator bwork and stringsectide indeed. Though I've switched to chance because I saw what massive damage vampiric word did. It's going really well too!

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Have a look into the nomarow set, 1/2 crits without a turq and you have agi as a secondary element not to mention your eni will do some massive damages ^^

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I highly recommend the no marrow set also with a fire maged eternal wand and the no marrow can be vit maged but that set up alone will be an incredible heal set and battle set and also everything you need, you can use the wedding rings for extra res and lovey elemental damage bonus and you could even exo both wedding rings ap ad mp exoed.

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The nomarrow set is definite a good set for the int, the agi, and most importantly the crit. without a turq dofus you could reach 1/2 crit and become a crit eni with it. The only problem with the set however is the digustingly low vitality which some times I just find it hard to accept it and keep trying to find ways to use the set while keeping 4k or higher vitality, which is like impossible without overmages, vitality trophies, exos, etc.

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