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New Eni tips and tricks

By Rancidrode - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 07, 2016, 14:24:19

So when the Xelor and Sadi revamp hit I made a thread for both where people could post some tips and tricks they found out of their newly revamped classes. Same here ! I'll start by a simple trick to heal 15% HP in an AoE ( 6AP to set up, 2AP afterwards ).

It's very simple. Summon a cawwot ( now heals 3% ) and use Paralysing Word on it ( heals 12%hp in a 2cell AoE at the end of the eni's turn ). That's 6AP to set it up first turn, and then 2AP to use Paralysing on it the turns afterwards. You're basically setting up an AoE healing station which could prove useful ( saves Revit Word for emergencies ). Very cost efficient too !


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Had to test this, very nice tip man.

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