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Pure chance Eni Build

By TheChode#4054 - SUBSCRIBER - December 02, 2016, 15:28:51

Is this still a viable build?

Currently level 88.... Just started playing again (been off for like 2 years) - saw the revamp and decided to start again.

I've read a lot saying to do a hybrid of int/cha.

Any advice?


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My eni, in a team of 6, is full chance. I got to say I am loving it! since Coney and a lot of spells heal based on% of HP you can still heal really well. the chance spells themselves are not the strongest but the area if affect heals applying before any enemy damage reduction ( be that shields, %resistance etc), mean a steady stream of heals if you know what you ate doing!
Also the benefit if chance gear is the wisdom bonus, meaning your eni will be a great disabeler with word if silence and paralysing word!

My plan was always to go int eni at 180, but bow she is 190 and still chance I see no reason ATM to fix what certainly isn't broken

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