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eniripsa gear progression

By Azimis#7019 March 25, 2017, 14:52:36
so my eniripsa is currently level 46 and getting build as pure int and currently using a full red piwi set so i wanted to ask if any of u could tell me what other sets i should be trying to get for her i'm playing on the shadow server so i will be crafting the gear my self probaly thanks in advance! and happy hunting
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Well, are you functioning as a team healer or are you solo? The gear spreads out rather fast after level 150 on being a support eni or a hitter!
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i'm playing in a team with a ouginak tank and ecaflip so i'll mostly be doing the hitting when they are -% fire res or if something needs to die asap
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All lvl 50s and then 80s use blop and royal blop sets with fillers.
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