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Best mount for Int Eni

By Dus-sabre - SUBSCRIBER - May 01, 2019, 11:23:05

Hi all i was hoping to find out what the best Dragoturkey would be for a full int Eni? currently i am using the ginger and orchid one

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That's what I use for most situations. But it depends on the gear you use as well. For example, if you have a very weak resist and can't fix it with your gear, you might consider a seemyool. Obviously you'll need a rhineetle if you rely on the mount for AP. 

I think that the ginger/orchid is the best mount if you can use it while keeping your resists reasonable and having the right AP/MP.

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Im under level 80 and am using a full int set ( fire kwak ) at the moment, so AP/MP not an issue right now as i use coney at start then buff my allies if i am with them. I'm also on the single account server so would the Ginger/Orchid one be the best one to use as i am aiming to be a pure support Eni smile ( as all things should be )

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I do not think mounts play as much of a role in your gear set ups as much as what is dictating you to use what, ie: mages, exos, etc.
I am currently avoiding mounts with my current gear set choices.  I use a white bow meow to get the init I need to buff my team, but I have an 8 man team. Your team or friends really dictate how the Eni plays out.

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