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Eniripsa Rework Thread 2020

By Kaypool - SUBSCRIBER - May 17, 2020, 14:34:36

Hello everyone, 

i would like to give my 50 cent opinion about the Eni and some rework ideas.

I started my Eni trip around 2 years ago and grinded slowly to 200 and on this ride many issues occured. 

For your information, I duoed him with my brothers Sacri, so I learned the hard way, how to position myself, optimise fights and so on.We don´t do PvP, just PvE, so all ideas and issues in the following refer to men vs monster. 

Because oft he length of this post, I will split him into two parts, in this first one, I will summarize my personal point of view about the Eni (what is an Eni?, current situation, problems, rework ideas) and in my second part, I will go more into detail. 

And sorry about spelling misstakes, english is not my mother tongue

So, lets get to it happy  

Eniripsas little helpers, what is an Eni?
The Eni is the toptier healer of Dofus, he has a lot of healing spells, some debuffs and possibly the best buff in the game (+2 AP).
He is not bad at doing dmg, but is not good either. He has difficulties to change position with spells, because he has to do preparation first or suffer a penalty like „unhealable“.  

Fire/intelligence is the main resource of healing, because it works in most situations, just the debuff „unhealable“ stops this.
The other elements, besides earth/strength, can heal more than fire/int, because they heal with the amount of dmg they do to a mob, but for this you have to be near the mob or your companions near to you. If a mob is weak to water and doen´t debuffs you with „unhealable“,himself with „invulnerable“ or one shots you, you can even „tank heal“.  

He can be a decent dmgdealer, but nothing extraordinary, because his dmg (on max level) ranges around 17-19 base dmg up to 48-52. For example my Overwhelming Word can hit with 800-900 dmg if the mob is very weak against Water/Chance (-30-40%). But the Eni shouldn´t be a high dmg dealer, because thats not his job. 

The Eni has the option to leech AP and BP, but thats it with debuffs. His buffs are moderate in number. He has his omnipotent +2 AP spell, he can also buff +2 MP, but just on companions. Sadly his +2AP is sometimes the only reason an Eni can join a fight.

To extend the life of him and his pals, he also has some nice healing buffs, which are based on the max HP of the target and two nice shield giving buffs.He can even heal his whole team or heal a target to 100% heal in one go. 

Another big plus is the option to lower the duration of some debuffs from companions or buffs from mobs. Sometimes it´s useless to try, because the (de)buffs have a duration of 3+ rounds and you can just take 1 round per use, but to have the option is awesome. 

Overall the Eni can do a lot, but besides healing, he is just a solid 5 in most cases. 

Problems – Eniripsas little nightmares:

Healing situation:
As said, the Eni is the toptier healer, but a handfull of mobs/debuffs hinder this purpose drastically.Debuffs like „unhealable“ or „pacifist“ block his heals and some heals are blocked through „invulnerable mobs“, so if you build solely on heal, because of large groupplay, sometimes you become 90% useless.
Another problem is, that the Eni can´t target himself directly with fire/intelligence healing spells (beside Selective Word). So you have to be protected by other players or need to be close to mobs, to heal yourself with the water/chance healing spells or healing buffs.Wind/agility is not suited for healing, because you have either lifeleech for yourself or other people have to be close to you to get healed. 

Stimulating system:
His „stimulating mechanic“ is vexing me the whole time. A good number of spells need the target to be stimulated via one of the three stimulating spells, otherwise the spell can´t be used or the target or Eni get a penalty for the use. In case of the bunny it often even means death. Therefor some spells are rarely or never used, even though they would have their use, without the limitation. 

The bunny:
The bunny is a pain in the ass, too. His buff is great, if he is summoned, you can have between 12-14 AP to use, he heals or shields you and even if he dies, he casts a glyph, which continue to do his job (sometimes even better).
The main problem is his movement, because you can´t controll it. I don´t know how many times this brickhead jumps in the way, so you can´t escape or reach a mob/companion. He also dies in the late game way to fast, sometimes, because he jumps directly into the arms of the mobs … byebye +2AP selfbuff. 

The movement option of an Eni is also a little mess.
Because both movement skills recuire a friedly target, that has to be stimulated, otherwise they can´t be used or the Eni suffers a penalty. In case of Lifting Word it´s even the „unhealable“ Debuff with 2 rounds duration.
You can´t even use Life-Giving Word on yourself, even if you are stimulated through your bunny. I was devasted, when i reached this buff and learned, that i can´t buff myself. 

Earth/Strength spells:
I see in many Earth/Strength spells its use and i´m even tempted to try a Strength Eni, but the main problem with that is, you lose your main purpose to heal others.
Strength spells often need a friendly target and hurt this target, but dmg the surrounding mobs heavy. Some spells buff the target, like Furios Word buffs the target for 100 Power per mob.
So the only logical combination is to spam Seductive Word (the vial) and target the vial with the spells. It heals yourself and dmg the mobs.
Another problem is, that this „useless“ build has the most spells in the Eni spellset. There a 7 strength spells and it is the only element, which change another element into a strength spell (Puzzling Word (Fire) to Furios Word (Earth)) 

Eniripsas revitalisation – Ideas for a rework:
So, now we know, what the current situation is, but how could we fix some problems? The Eni should be the best class to keep everyone (also himself) alive, with heals, shields and (de)buffs.

Ah Ah staying alive, staying alive (Healing situation):
Fire/Int - Int spells could work, even if the target is unhealable, but with a reduced effect. With this you are hindert in your healing job, but not prevented from it. Make it possible, that you can target yourself, just like he can target his companions. 

Water/Chance - Remove the healing option and give it a fix amount of shield points, when it hits a mob. With this, you can do it, even if you are a „pacifist“ and you can even help players full of health or Sacri players to keep their pain mechanic going. 

Wind/Agi -> Put a Lifeleech on Slighting Word (the int and chance 5 AP spells can heal, why not this one?). Reduce the heal for others to 75% of dmg, put if healed they are „linked“ to the Eni and take 50% of the dmg he is taking. With this the Eni can heal the others and protect himself. 

Stimulating the right spot (Rework stimulating system):
I don´t like the spells, which recuire the stimulated state, some even remove it, when they are used (so the target loses the +2 AP!). In some fights, you lose a lot AP via debuffs and you can´t waste AP to rebuff a target in this situations.

So, my idea is to rework the system into something supporting. There is no recuirement for the stimulated state or a penalty, if the target doesn´t have it.
You can use all spells, in every situation, but if the target is stimulated, the effect is higher, than normal. Some spells must be reduce in effect, to balance this out, but it would give the Eni a more flexible playstil.
For example: Life-giving Word gives +1 MP if the target is NOT stimulated, but gives +2 MP if it is.  

Make the bunny a real friend:
For the love of Eniripsa make him controllable! The controll alone would be a huge buff, if you could also choose who is „kissed“ would be outstanding.
Reduce the AP costs for the „shield bunny“ to 3 AP (i personally like him more than the healing bunny, because i play with a Sacri in duo).
Also the „resummon“ should be cheaper and the cooldown, after death, should be shorter, because he dies in late game so easy. 

Why do i walk, if i have wings? (Movement):
First off all, PLEASE, make it possible to cast Life-Giving Word on yourself, it would help the Eni so much to move around!
As stated in the „Stimulated System“ part, remove the recuirements for Lifting Word and Rallying Word, their CD and AP costs are high enough as compansation. Maybe increase the range of the spells, if the target is stimulated or give the target a small buff. Make both skills useable on mobs and give the Eni a penalty in that case.  

Make Earth/Strength great again:
This is the toughest one, because their is no real starting point, but because Eniripsa not only gives life, she takes it, but with love (you know what i mean, if you have the Eniripsa Finish Visual Effect).
So maybe make this element the (de)buff element. Put DoTs on spells, let it reduce resistence or lower the dmg of mobs. Or you arm your companions with a stone armour to boost their resistence/dmg, maybe in return of 5% of their current health?
Let the Eni build „road blocks“ like a stone to hinder movement (he currently can with the vial) or petrify a non-boss mob once per fight for 1-2 rounds.
Make it the „Alchemy“ element and put more „vial spells“ in it, like the Toxine sidekick. 

Bag of tricks – Ideas for new spells:
Last but not least, i came up with some ideas for new spells, that are very Eniripsa-like 

Reviving Word
As the servants of the goddess of life, Enis should be able to revive the fallen.
Therefor an Eni could buff a companion (or himself) with this spell (Duration 3 Rounds) and if the target dies, it revives with 50% oft he current max HP (so erosion is still intact), an unlimited „unhealable“ debuff and an unlimited 10% more dmg debuff.
Another idea is to copy the revive mobs have. The fallen comrade rises with 25% max HP and without debuffs.This spell should be once per fight (50+ rounds CD?) 

Shielding Word
It would be an unique position for an Eni, if he could block/heal erosion.
So this spell either blocks erosion for his duration entirely (so just HP are lost, no erosion) or heals erosion instead of HP 

Escaping Word
The Eni shouldn´t jump around like a Iop, but he should jump to the back/to safety if it is needed.
Therefor this spell could work similar to Kamus Rexs „Ghosneze“.
The Eni has to target a friend or foe and „flies“ 2-4 cells backwards or 1-2 cells diagonal (depending on the position of the target)This movement should ignore terrain and fighters of both sides, he has wings for Eniripsas sake!
Maybe he could buff/heal a friend and debuff a foe with this escaping plan. 

Unbewitching Word and Draining Word
This could also be a unique spellduo, to make the Eni a stand alone option and increases his role as supporter.

This spells could be solely for removing debuffs and replace Word of Youth and Defensive Word, which both are great, but can´t be used against some (de)buffs or (de)buffs with a duration of 3+ rounds (the mobs cast it simple again to 3+ round)

Unbewitching Word replaces Word of Youth and solely removing (de)buff from the friendly target. It should be able to crit and if it does, it either remove ALL (de)buff durations or should be possible to remove such debuffs like „pacifist“, „unhealable“, etc. that are normally not removable.  But it shouldn´t work on „unlimited“ debuffs, like some boss-mob debuffs.

Draining Word replaces Defensive Word and removes (de)buffs from mobs, similar to Unbewitching Word on friendly characters. If it crits, it removes ALL (de)buffs, besides the unlimited debuffs some mobs have. 

Epilog – the Eni flies away:
So, this is it, my personal view in this Eni matter. I´m sure many people won´t agree with me, but thats ok, thats what opinions are there for.
I don´t want the Eni to be the new „best class“, but i want him to be the best supporter, an even better healer and that he can support himself a little better.

I enjoyed the challenge to write this topic and i am curios, i fit sparks something in the players or even the rework (that hopefully someday comes). 

Thank you, if you took the time to reach this point and if you like, you can comment on my ideas or start a conversion about your ideas for a rework.
But i would appreciate it, if no one starts yelling or cursing, just a normal discussion, where everyone respects the opinion of the others. 

If you are interested in a more detailed view on the Eni, than read the second part, with more facts tot he current Eni situation, more problems and some more rework ideas

So long (^-^)_/
The Kaypool  


So, this is the second part with more details and more ideas, have fun angel



  • Intelligence boosts heal, which is the best outcome, if you just wanne heal
  • Every spell can heal and/or dmg at the same time
  • Some spells can heal multiple chars and/or dmg multiple mobs
  • Can heal even with debuff „pacifistic“ on Eni
  • You can´t dmg companions with AoEs (you heal instead)

  • Eni can just poorly heal himself with it, because he can´t mostly be the target
    • You have to stand close to a mob with Impartial word
    • Only exception is Selective word, which can be used on the Eni
  • Only 5 Int spells in the roster
  • You have to focus on Int, if you want to heal with it effectivly
    • In Combibuilds its a bonus, not the main focus
  • Besides Alternative Word all spells costs 4 or 5 AP
  • Don´t work, when debuff „unhealable“ is active (you lose your main purpose)
  • No debuffs or buffs options with any spell

Ideas of improvment:       
  • Eni can target himself for selfheal and/or trigger aoes (impartial word)
    • More survivability
    • Run away and heal yourself more possible
  • If targeting another player, some spells (alternative word and puzzling word) should lose line of sight requirement
    • More usefull in large groups
    • You don´t stand in the way, when you try to heal someone
    • Less MP is needed
  • Int spells could ignore the debuff „unhealable“ or work with just 50% healpower
    • Would put an Eni above a Luminos
  • Besides heal, int spells could buff resitance against AP/BP drain
    • Would but the Eni up for usefull options
  • Change Furios Word to a fire/int spell
    • Grant the target a small heal, instead of dmg
    • Dmg the adjoined mobs with a little less than Puzzling word, but debuff them with -50 power (-100 on a crit)

  • Boosts drop rate
  • Descent dmg in most spells
  • Can be a better healing tactic than Int
  • Can heal a large group of chars (if close together)
  • Has a better AoE spell, that can trigger without a target and work around the corner (Blaring word)
  • Possibility of „tank healing“ in CC (blaring + overwhelming word)
  • Every spell can be low/decent dmg and a heal or just better dmg
  • Some debuffs (-AP or –BP)

  • Biggest issue
    • mobs with invulnerability, because you can only heal, if you do dmg
    • If you got the debuffs „pacifistic“ or „unhealable“, you can‘t use chance heals as well
  • You have to be close for heals, because chance healing spells only heal 2 cells around the target
  • Most spells just do dmg or dmg + heal, no debuffs
  • AoEs hurt friendly fighters and the dmg doesn´t heal others (like life leech heals you, even if its a friend as target)
  • Besides Forbidden Word all spells costs 4 or 5 AP

 Ideas of improvment:
  • Take healing away and give that spells a fix amount of shield points, if the spell hits a target. Could increase with lvl of the Eni, just like Preventing and Helping Word do.
  • Make the heal „theoretical“, which means, that you heal what you would do on a mob, even if is invulnerable
    • Both ideas would work on invulnerable mobs and in „pacifistic mode“
    • More survivability in every situationo
    • Option of „tanking“ still possible
  • Give the dmg spells debuffs against mobs
    • For example Taboo word could lower block or dodgeo
    • Or healing spells like blaring word could lower the amount of heal mobs receive
  • If you „accidentally“ hit your companions with chance heal, they should trigger the heal like life leech

  • Agility boosts, in my opinion, the best „secondary stat“ = Block/Dodge
    • You get away from mobs and can hold them, if needed
  • Agility presents the best dmg spell Eni has to offer -> Slighting word (48-52 base dmg)
  • All spells (beside Slighting word) offer life leech or heal around the Eni
    • You can stand far away and heal the reargurad (2 cells away from you) or leech yourself some health
  • Good AoE-Spells (Whirling and Whirlwind Word) that don´t need a target

  • No very good for valid heal build, more like „off-heal tactic“
    • Heals either heal the Eni (Life leech) or companions around him, but not himself
  • Life leech alone is not enough to survive, because these spells don´t convert dmg 100% to health, like chance heals
  • No debuffs or buffs at all  

Ideas of improvment:
  • Give Slighting word a lifeleech effect
  • The AoE-Heals should buff the Eni and heal the others
    • The more companions he heal, the better the buff, for example his resistance
    • Or 50% of the dmg the Eni takes until his next round is transferred to the companions he healed, lower the heal to 75% therefor
  • Remove the heal option and make these spells (de)buff options
    • Reduce dmg/resistances, DoTs, etc.
    • Buff the people around the Eni with AP/BP/KT-resistance

  • Seven Spells to choose from (way to much)
  • Present the second best dmg spell oft he Eni -> Furios Word (42-48 base dmg)
    • Furios word buffs 100 Power for every adjoining mob to the target
  • Some spells doesn´t require a line of sight (Brutal word and Secret word)
  • Many Aoe-spells (around the friendly target)
  • Defensive word can unbewitch friend and foe and reduce the duration buffs/debuffs by 1
  • Best AP-Cost-Value, no 5 AP skill, mostly 2-3 AP per use for decent dmg output.
  • Seductive Word opens many synergies
    • Throw the vial (AoE-dmg), spam spells on her, you get healed and do dmg to the mobs around it, if it dies, it explodes and does a second AoE

  • No heals, sadly you have to target a friendly char and with that dmg a companion to dmg the mobs with a bunch of spells
    • So its the exact opposite of your job in a party
    • If you boost strength and not target your vial, you badly dmg your partymembers 250+ dmg per use is normal
  • You can´t target yourself with Agonising word to push mobs away or buff yourself with Furios word, which would be usefull, when your strength dmg is low
  • Defensive word puts an erosion debuff (20%) on you, if you spam it twice it staks to 40%
    • You can´t unbewitch everything. Pacifist, Unhealable, etc. are often not removeableo   Some mobs have 5 rounds of buffs/debuffs and renew them every round, so its no use trying to remove the buffs/debuffs
  • Furios word replaces Puzzling word, which is a healing spell
  • The spells without Line of sight have a fix range, but are usefull, to kill of mobs with 50 or less HP that are hidding behind walls/mobs/players

Ideas of improvment:
  • Maybe make the skills sole on debuffing movement (because „rocky road“) or pushing enemies back
  • Merge some spells with others
    • For expample: combine the effect of Seductive word and the „Bunny“ and buff the effect
    • If the bunny is hit by companions or mobs, he should give this dmg as heal/shield in 1-3 cells around him, but loses his active „Kiss“ buff
    • If the bunny dies, he doen´t give a glyphe anymor, but either dmg the mobs or heals/shields on last time with a fix amount
  • Eni should be able to target himself with Agonising word and Furios word to use the buffs in exchange for the dmg
  • Defensive word should:
    • lose the erosion debuff or should remove all (de)buffs on the target if it crits
    • It should also be able to remove debuffs like Pacifist, Unhealable, etc. if it crits

Complete Rework:  
  • Put DoTs on spells, let it reduce resistence or lower the dmg of mobs.
  • Arm your companions with a stone armour to boost their resistence/dmg, maybe in return of 5% of their current health?
  • Like the Cawwot-spell let Eni summon a stone to hinder movement (o   Petrify a non-boss mob once per fight for 1-2 rounds.
  • Make it the „Alchemy“ element and put more „vial spells“ in it, like the Toxine sidekick.
    • Healing vial
    • Debuffing vial
    • Pushing vial
    • etc

Movement/Breaking free:
Current situation
  • Eni can push mobs and companions away with Frightening Word and Secret Word 1 cell, both spell can be used up to 3 times, 2 times on the same mob and the AP costs are low (1-2 AP). So breaking free is possible. Secret Word doesn´t need line of sight, so you can even push the mobs behind other mobs to make room to push the nearer mobs with Frightening Word
    • Problem: Can´t help you, if the mob/player is in the heavy stat or the cell behind the mob/player is occupied
  • You can change position with another player or your bunny with Lifting Word, it doesn´t need a line of sight and has a decent 7 cell range.
    • Problems:
      • The spell is costly with 4 AP and has 3 rounds CD
      • It needs a friendly target (not summons), which let YOU become unhealable for 2 rounds or the target will lose the stimulated buff. So the cost of this switch goes up to 6 AP or you being in more danger
      • If the target is your bunny, than it will die after the switch. So the cost will be 6 AP too, because you will lose your stimulated buff besides the bunny
  • The alternative for Lifting Word is Rallying Word, which moves you 2 cells in the direction of a companion (not summons) and afterwards pulls him 2 cells in your direction. It is not so costly with 2 AP and doesn´t kill your bunny
    • Problems:
      • Sometimes its a little weird, how your companion will be pulled
      • The CD is still 2 rounds§  The target must be stimulated or be the bunny§  You need line of sight
  • The Eni has the spell Life-giving Word, which needs the stimulated buff and grants a +2 MP buff, which increases the movability enormous
    • Problem:
      • Even if you are stimulated (Bunny), you can´t buff yourself with this buff

Ideas of improvment:
The Eni isn´t the top guy in Moving/Jumping around and he don´t need to be, but you need to break free, to heal others or run for cover, so the tanks/DDs can shield you if neededBut his three Movement-spells have too much criteria/drawbacks to do this sometimes
  • Lifting Word
    • You should be able to switch with friend AND foe, not just friendso
    • Remove the mechanic, that the Eni becomes unhealable or the target loses stimulated AND that the bunny is killed
      • Maybe replace it with a penalty on healing (-25% heal for both the Eni and the friendly target)
      • The old penalty for the Eni could be used, when you switch with a mob
    • Remove either the CD, but then reduce the range (1-4?) and make it one use per turn or leave the CD and the range, but make it 1-2 AP max
    • At the moment you nearly never use this skill, just as last resort for a suicide heal or to live another round·
  • Rallying Word
    • Remove the need for the stimulated status of the target
    • Either remove the CD and make it once per turn or lower the AP cost to 1 AP
  • Life-giving Word
    • Make it possible to buff the Eni itself, as long as he is stimulated (Bunny)
    • It would improve the survivabilty and movabilty alot

The Bunny:
Current situation
  • The spells Friendship Word and Affectionate Word are very good skills
  • They give +2AP for the Eni, they heal/shield a random fighter and I think the bunny has a higher agro, because mobs target him more often then me
  • You can „resummon“ the bunny, if he is in the wayo  
    • Problems:
      • More than once this brickhead jumps in the way of other players or yourself§  Sometimes he heals/shield the „wrong“ player
      • The „resummon“ costs the full 3-4 AP§  Affectionate Word is more costly than Friendship Word (1 AP)

Ideas of improvment:
  • For the love of Eniripsa, just like the sword of the Sacri make him controllable, its enough, if its the movement, but if you could controll the heal/shield as well, this would be awesome
  • Reduce the „resummon“ to 1-2 AP max
  • Reduce the first summon of Affectionate Word to 3 AP
  • Like mentioned in the Strength section, maybe fuse him with Seductive word to make him even more usefull

(De)Buffs and Heals:
Current situation
  • Preventing Word
  • the target receives shield points
    • Problem: High CD (4 rounds), needs line of sight, just can be casted in a straight line
  • Helping Word
  • the target gains 100 power and the Eni a shield. Can be cast again to switch the effects between Eni and target and double them. Doesn´t need line of sight.
    • Problem: The target can´t get the higher power buff and the Eni can´t get the higher shield buff
  • Self-sacrificing Word
  • is the alternative for Stimulating Word and gives up to two companions +250 power for 2 rounds for 1 AP each
    • Problem: It reduces the heals by 25% and can´t compare to +2AP without a debuff
  • Word of the youth
  • is a neat spell, it heals 10% of max HP and unbewitch the duration of (de)buffs by 1 for 2 AP. You can even use it on yourself.
    • Problem: It can´t be used more then once per turn on a player and it can´t be used on mobs or unbewitch Unhealable, Pacifist, etc.
  • Revitalising Word
  • heals 33% of max HP, it effects the whole field and is not costly with 3 APo   Problem: It has to compete with Galvanising Word, this alone is reason enough to not use this spell, if you can.
  • Other problems are: To be healed, companions have to be stimulated and lose this status afterwards. Your bunny also dies, if summoned. It blocks Stimulating Word/Self-sacrifing Word for 1 round
  • Word of Recovery
  • it heals 100% HP
    • Problem: It has a 6 rounds CD, makes the target unhealable for 3 rounds and is costly with 4 AP
  • Uniting Word
  • you take 10% max HP from a not stimulated companion and all stimulated companions receive the amount that was taken from the target OR all stimulated companions give 10 % max HP to the target, if must also be stimulated
  • Don´t need line of sight, no CD, just 1 AP per use and can be casted twice per round on 2 different targets
    • Problem: Way to complicated and it either need much preparation time (which player should be healed, who needs the stimulated status?) or Galvanising Word beforehand

Ideas of improvment:
  • Preventing Word
    • A Masqueraider can spam shield way better than an Eni. The most skills are also on groups, therefor the Eni should cast this „one target“ shield with a larger amout of Shield points or should spam it for low AP cost and without CD
    • Either make the amount 800% (1000% on crit) and kept the CD
    • Or keep the amount, remove the CD and make it useable on 2 targets per turn
  • Helping Word
    • Make it possible, that the Eni can first buff himself alone (shield + 100 power), if he cast the spell again on a target, he receives the better shield and the target the 250 power
    • With this twist you make the move useable without companions or summons and more flexible in its use
  • Self-sacrificing Word
    • First off all, remove the unnecessary penalty on healing and debuff Stimulating Word with the current penalty of Self-sacrifing Wordo   Make it useable without line of sight, so it has really an advantage compared to +2AP, but than reduce its uses to once per round
  • Word of the youth
    • Make it 2-3 times useable on one char
    • Increase the AP cost to 4, but than make it able to remove Pacifist, Unhealable, etc.
    • Another idea is a crit mechanic, were a crit removes either all normal buffs/debuffs or can remove Pacifist, Unhealable, etc. with a crit
    • Or instead of healing, it gives 10% erosion back, up to the HP at the start of the battle
  • Revitalising Word
    • Remove the penaltys (lose of stimulate status, bunnys dies, 1 round more CD for Stimulating Word/Self-sacrifing Word )
    • Reduce the amount of heal to 25 % and increase the amount to 40% if the target is stimulated
    • oReduce the CD to 2 rounds
    • The alternative is to nerf Galvanising Word, e.g. once per fight, reduced healing, etc.
  • Word of Recovery
    • Either reduce the costs to 2 AP or reduce the CD to 3 rounds or remove/reduce the unhealable penalty
    • Or a mix of everything: Cost reduction to 3 AP, CD 3 rounds and 1 round Unhealable
  • Uniting Word:
    • It should be a lot easier to understand/prepare
    • Just let the target give 10% of its max HP as heal to the other companions, who are in range of Uniting Word and if the target (or a HP receiving companion) is stimulated it recieves a buff like 50 Power or more heal for the next heal he receives
      • Another idea is to change it to an aggresive skill
      • You used it on one or all enemys and it dmg the enemy(s) in the lowest resistance. Low dmg if it hits all mobs, high if just one mob is dmged. The lost HP are tranferred to the party as heal or shield equally
      • But then the skill needs a CD (3 rounds?) and/or an increase AP-cost (4?)

New Stuff:·       
  • Reviving Word:
  • Eniripsa is the godess of life, so it would be great, if an Eni could revive the dead.
    • Reviving Word could be a 3 round buff, that revive the target, if it dies (should also be castable on the Eni himself, his godess gives him a second chance)
    • The revived target don´t go down and keeps its erosion, but is 100% healedo   As penalty it receives an unlimited unhealable debuff, like the new HP-debuffs for the Sacri, and receives 10% more dmg from mobs
  • Another Idea is, that the Eni can summon a fallen companion adjoining to him with the debuffs from above
    • In both cases the spell should be one use per fight (or a CD of 50+ rounds)
    • Should cost around 4-6 AP and its range should be 1-5 with line of sight
  • Shielding Word:
  • A buff that heals/blocks the effect of erosion
    • If under the effect, you just lose HP/Shield, but doesn´t receive erosion at all, even, when you have debuffs that increase the amount of erosion
  • An alternativ would be, that it gives eroded HP back
    • Every turn you get 10% eroded HP back (based on the max HP from the start oft he battle), to max the value at the start of the fight
    • Should be 2 AP, 1-4 Range and lasts 2 round with 3 rounds CD
  • It shouldn´t be useable with the unhealable status or Reviving Word.
  • Escaping Word:
  • The Eni shouldn´t jump to the frontline, but fall back to the rearguard. Therefor he needs an escape plan
  • The Escaping Word could work similar to Kamus Rexs „Ghosneze“.
    • The Eni pushes himself either 4 cells linear or 2 cell diagonal away of the target (friend or foe). He ignores other fighters and terrain with this movement (but can´t end the movement in one). o   If the target is a friend it receives a healing or shield. Is the target is a foe, he receives a debuff (-block or –dodge?)o   AP cost should be 2-3, range all 8 cells around the eni, no CD, one use per turn ·
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Your post is really good, and your ideas do seem to make sense.
Currently Enis are IMO the worst class right now.
Nowadays nearly all classes are super flexible, with a lot of mobility and shields, debuffs, etc, and Enis pretty much are only good at healing, but this is easily countered by the fact that Enis 99% of the time can only move using their 5 or 6 mps.

The stimulating mechanic is downright terrible. It doesn't offer anything, it's just an unnecessary requisite to use some underwhelming spells.

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I'll admit I haven't read thoroughly, but a lot of this sounds quite familiar as someone who's recently raised up an Eni for their team. In general, I feel like my options to support my team or do anything meaningful are very narrow and require the conditions to be just right to work effectively.

Having to rely on the Coney for your most basic bread and butter self buff also contradicts their actual class design philosophy. Ankama long ago declared war on "random" mechanics, like the oldest Ecaflip spells and Critical Failures as a concept. Yet here we are dependent on the random behaviors of a low level summon for a very critical buff? The other aspects of Stimulation, indeed, are just as bad. From this lens it looks like they made it as hard as possible to take advantage of the Eni's most important non-healing function.

I get the original intent though. Older iterations of Eni were certainly overpowered and Stimulating Word was a very powerful spell by itself. Entire fights were planned out around the idea of always being positioned for a Stim. Strategies so centralized on one class and one spell, with basically everyone doing it no matter the rest of their team comp, is the best kind of low hanging fruit for game developers looking to make sweeping balancing changes.

Their efforts to reduce the Eni's utility and necessity on a team have just made the class frustrating to play as a result. Reducing the supportive abilities of other classes over the years, such as Osa (RIP buff Osa! Long gone but not forgotten!) has also harmed the situation.

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I main Eni. I can say that even as is, I quite like Eni and consider it a great choice for a team. 

I will agree with all comments that have been made about Coney. Coney has been my biggest complaint about the class since I can't count the number of times it has caused problems in end game dungeons. It has what has to be the worst AI ever programmed by Ankama. Somehow it finds a way to do exactly what you don't want it to do in almost every situation. It has to be controllable.

I also agree on mobility. It's a huge weakness of the class and they've made nerfs that make no sense to me. For example, they somehow thought Eni's push (that only pushes a single cell) was too overpowered when it was range-modifiable, and so they made it fixed-range. Like... why? Who is out there thinking Eni's tiny single cell push is overpowered while we have cras who can push across the entire map from much farther range?

And rallying word is nice but has too many restrictions on its use, most of which I think are unwarranted.

I like a lot of your ideas for new spells centered around support as well as the improvement ideas. I'd have rather had Eni using 3 elements instead of 4 and having more slots for support spells. It is a support class, after all. 

Unfortunately, Ankama is too busy thinking Eni is somehow overpowered and keeps nerfing it. 

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i like what you said, there are two things i disagree with>

the stimulated&unhealable mechanic is meant to force a player to take into consideration a certain trade-off. now, this is indeed redundant with a cooldown period, so maybe this being removed would be a nice touch to the gameplay. or: remove a stimulated state, if not, cooldown.

monoelemental builds are meant to have pros and cons, if you want to balance them out you should choose a combination of two.

now, one thing i am very enthusiastic about is the idea of debuff potential in the earth way, i would like to see some different AoEs than the 1-cell cross, for example 1-cell circle or 2-cell cross. this would make agonizing word a little more usable mid-sequence.
pernicious word should be switched with brutal word, which should be changed entirely bc for now it's way too bland at any level. furious word works well as it is, it's fairly balanced, but i would like to see a little more variety coming from other earth spells.

the vial should be perhaps a little more synergic with other elements besides earth, like, i like its bomb mochanic but it could do a little more, like amplify the damage around it or something like that.

i would also like to see a spell that would pull enemies towards the target ally and perhaps remove their mp.

as for the shields, i don't think enis should be able to give as much or more shields than a masqueraider, since it's their gimmick after all, and the idea for water to give shields instead of heals is redundant with chance iops. i agree though that plain damage spells should be totally reworked.

what about giving enis a poison spell? this should be fun. maybe a life-stealing poison like the grass snakes. it could also be a spell cast on a target ally that would make the ally apply such poison, meaning the heals would get to them

the air element to me feels very uninteresting, they should acquire a more distinct positioning role. i agree with most of what you said for this one, the eni could be healed for example for a quarter of the amount healed (if the current "heals around the caster" mechanic stays, although i do find it rather unoriginal).


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