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Eniripsa healing

By MildBill#7410 - SUBSCRIBER - March 08, 2021, 18:17:56

I’ve been away for a “spell” and there have been many changes. I remember that my Sadida heals were useless until I got to sufficient level to scroll or lift Int. I imagine that you still do need Int to heal or has the need for it been supplanted by specific heal equipment?

What brought me to this point was confusion about the Eni. I’m raising one and see that there are strong chance and agility options (as well as strength). Do these options allow for a damage dealer? I’d imagine not. Again, doesn’t the Eni require Int to heal? Or has the game changed in that respect so that a full Cha build heals as well as the fire Eni?


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Intelligence still influences healing, and there is also a wealth of +heals equipment at later levels. I think Int Eni is probably the better dedicated healer setup for general usage. But Enis have a decent amount of options, based on your team setup and play style. However, it's generally agreed upon that Eni is no longer the standard requirement in a team setup that it once was. It's nice to have, but many players have moved on to other strategies to deal with sustain or AP buffs, or have turned to different strategies to progress in their fights altogether. No need for heals if you're the one killing everything first.

Looking a little deeper at the spell descriptions and effects for the other elements, you'll see that there's a bit of compensation for the lack of int to give you a healing boost. For example, numerous water and air spells grant heals in this or a similar way: "Allies near the target (within 2 cells) are healed of up to 100% of the damage inflicted," which is a different effect from a straight healing line and effectively makes the heal dependent on that different stat.

Going off of this, %-based heals are much more widespread than they were before among all classes, and Eni is no different. The famous Word of Recovery literally just heals 100% of the target's max HP, and is no longer a giant burst heal line. Multiple other non-fire healing spells in the Eni toolkit are % heals. Percentage-based heals are not influenced by +heals items, since the % is working off of the target's vitality instead of your personal stats.

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I guess I’m going to try some different builds. I have a couple of sets left over...

It’s disappointing that my new Eni is in the same predicament as the Sadi - not needed in dungeons. Good thing that I have a Cra, Iop and Sac! I’ve noticed that the Cra seems particularly OP lately. He’s just too easy to play though. Boring!

Thanks again.

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Don't get me wrong, I think Eni still has a place in a team! I think it could provide great support to your current setup, especially if you find yourself in need of heals and AP. They're simply just no longer a hard requirement for PvM content across the board.

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Super late reply, but I have to be completely honest.

The way I see it, Cha and Agi Enis DO NOT WORK as healers. You can use those builds in situations where you know you're going to be cac (cha), or when you're alone and have to keep your distance (agi). I have only used those builds in solo fights, since they can become better than Int enis in certain situations.


The vast majority of players will prefer and Int Eni, which has a way easier time healing since it doesn't require any contrived conditions. I heavily advise agaisnt using other builds other than Int in PVM in groups.

And Fo enis can deal good damage but in a team... you'd rather have an Iop don't you think?

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To add to what Inuzu said, int only affects healing spells/weapons that say "x - x hp restored", for example, "20-26 hp restored."  Any heals that say "heals 10% of max hp" or that steals life or that allies in an aoe are healed for part of the damage (srams now have this too) do not require any int to work.

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