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Chance Eni Guide

By thomasfn#2140 November 20, 2010, 22:06:15
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Another annoying thing about vampiric having a minimum range of 0, I'll tell a little story.

So, I have all my spells laid out with shortcut keys over 2 pages, to make the fight quicker. Basically, defensive spells on the first page, and offensive spells on the second page. On the first page, I have curative word in my 3rd slot, on the second page I have vampiric word in my 3rd slot. This is fine really, because switching pages isn't too much of a problem. Until...

You're with your friends fighting against some tynrils, it's been a few turns already, lots of 'hiffs' have been thrown around and our resistances are through the floor. I give myself and my companions a stimulating word to perk up their day, and since I had nothing else to do that turn, I might as well curative my health back to full. Now this is where the disaster struck. The disaster is composed of several factors:
1. I am an imbecile.
2. My water resistance is about -2000%
3. I am currently on my 2nd spell page.

So yes, that's right, I did about 3000 damage to myself (killing myself) because vampiric has a range of 0. Now this has every part to do with my stupidity, but it would help, if vampiric was not uselessly given a minimum range of 0.
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Vamp has the 0 range because it is so strong. I would love 1+, but then it would not have a restriction as say agi cras with needing range to hit. Cras can be put at 5 range if completely drained. Enis on the other hand when not completely drained can tank thus always hitting. Bad comparison, but if it always had at least 1 range then there would be more mobs or things to do that when otherwise having to wep or wounding wound stop me.

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Faruz-E|2011-01-03 00:57:00
Oh my god I'm fucking stupid. Dude you just prob. saved me a lot of death =_= can't believe I forgot about WoY.

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Haha Faruz well this is the guide ima use ;D but the akwalada set might be hard for oto tongue so ima be using scara/akwalada
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hotnesforlife|2011-01-08 01:44:00
Haha Faruz well this is the guide ima use ;D but the akwalada set might be hard for oto tongue so ima be using scara/akwalada

My cha eni is already 6X tongue, almost 7X.

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Question for the OP, I didn't read how long ago this was written, but probably some time ago. Was just wondering when you said you were level 71, what equips were you wearing?

So far, all I have is a Soft Treering, Plum/Indigo Turq., and a Maged Akwalada set, and I'm level 66. Thanks.
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I see aenis were made just for healing which is totally int , and weapons helps them lots , But any other build tongue i dont think so
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A little confused about what was deemed the best, puting points into cha or into vit?
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thomasfn|2010-11-20 22:06:15
Chance Eniripsa Guide - Lvl 1 to 100
This is my first ever guide on how to make a build for dofus, so it won't be perfect! If there's anything unclear or any errors (either in spelling or grammar, or in the guide itself) please let me know and I will correct it. Also bear in mind that this guide is more about playing the character in PVP situations, as opposed to PVM. I also can't comment about how to play after lvl 100, since I've never played PvP higher than that level before.

Basic Information
Chance Eniripsas only have one chance spell - Vampiric Word. It's given at lvl 42, and when levelled to 5 it deals 20-30 base damage per shot. It also only costs 4 ap. It has low range though (4), and it's linear - which will hurt alot in the lower PVP levels. It has adjustable range, which is useful for +range equips, but it means the cra spell Bats Eye affects them badly. They have a +range spell at lvl 70, but at that point range is not usually an issue. Enis have a low chance soft cap, meaning it's not very effective to pump chance. Please bear in mind, the chance eni requires quite a bit of investment in order to be effective. This guide is designed for those who know what they're doing, and have a few mk to spend on it. It is not recommended for this to be your first character in dofus, unless you can afford to spend alot of RL money on ingame money.

Lvl 1-54 (If you're being leeched)
Being leeched is really helpful, since it's hard to level the first 50 levels as an eni otherwise.

Stats: Invest all points into wisdom.
Equips: Young Adventurer set till lvl 10
Arachnae + Mush Mush set till lvl 38
Prespic Set till lvl 54
Spells: Stimulating Word (lvl 9) = 5
Draining Word (lvl 17) = 5
Word of Youth (lvl 36) = 5
Vampiric Word (lvl 42) = 5
Friendship Word (lvl 54) = 5

Lvl 1-38 (Soloing)
Since your chance spell comes at lvl 42, the next best element to work with at these levels is agility. You could go intelligence if you have some friends to play with, but if you're soloing, agi is best.

Stats: Invest all points into agi
Equips: Young Adventurer set till lvl 10
Arachnae + Mush Mush set till lvl 38
Prespic Set till lvl 54 (Sub in with agi parts such as Carnivorous staff,
Wounding Word (lvl 6) = 5
Stimulating Word (lvl 9) = 5
Draining Word (lvl 17) = 5

lvl 38-54 (Soloing)
Although you get your chance spell at lvl 42, it's pretty much useless until you can get good equips for it.

Stats: Invest all points into agi (if you feel like you're dealing enough damage to stay alive, put points into wis for extra XP)
Equips: Prespic Set
Any other agi parts you can find, don't spend much money though
Vampiric Word (lvl 42) = 5
Friendship Word (lvl 54) = 5

Lvl 54-60 (PvP)
When you hit 54, it's time to start pvping. Use dopples to reset your stats. See below for battle tips.

Stats: Reset and put all stats into vitality
Scroll wisdom to 25 (if possible)
Scroll chance to as high as possible (if possible)
Equips: Full akwadala set, maged if possible
When you have enough rank, use the akwadala shield
For your second ring, use a soft treering (+1 range, +2 summons, +50 vitality)
80 cha water bwak
Spells: Save any remaining points, you should use the spell list shown in the lvl 1-54 (if leeched) section

Lvl 60-70 (PvP)
Here you get a really useful spell - paralysing word. It costs 1x vampiric word, but it's definetly worth it for those players who always run.

Stats: Keep putting points into vitality
Keep scrolling cha
If you have loads of cash, scroll wis higher than 25, if not, spend it on cha scrolls instead
Any strokens or dopploons earnt should be spent on chance scrolling
Equips: Switch the 80 cha water bwak for a Plum & Emerald lvl 100 DT (it gives +200 vitality, +1 range, +1 mp)
if you really need to, swap the soft treering with a +1ap gelano but I always found the soft treering more useful
Spells: Paralysing word (lvl 60) = 5
Save any remaining spell points

Lvl 70-80 (PvP)
Here you get a stackable +range spell, which would be useful at lvl 50, but isn't very useful now. It's worth upgrading to lvl 5 though, since it only costs 1 ap and it might prove to tip the battle in your favour. (It's helped me in the past)

Stats: Keep putting points into vitality
Keep scrolling cha until 101
After scrolling cha, work up wis or int
Equips: Stay with what you have
Spells: Lifting word (lvl 70) = 5
Save any remaining spell points

Lvl 80-100 (PvP)
Now, the decisions you make should vary depending on which class you struggle the most with. It also depends if you want to stay pure chance, or switch to int, or do a cha/int hybrid.

Stats: Keep putting points into vitality
If you finished scrolling cha & wis, start scrolling int and agi
Equips: Use full royal indigo blop set, maged if possible
Also use an axel, since it gives +1ap and +cha as well as other stats (although it has -wis)
For the remaining parts, sub in with whatever you need the most
If you need more vitality, sub in with kitsou parts
If you need more ap/mp, use a +1 ap gelano and Jule yanoes (name??) cloak (+1 mp, +1 range)
Spells: This really depends on you. If you want to do int/cha hybrid, you can start levelling the healing spells, or maybe save up for word of recovery and getting your existing spells to lvl 6 when you go higher. If you're into group PvP, and have scrolled wis high, getting word of silence (AoE ap theft) might be worth it. If you end up using the axel in combat quite alot, perhaps use shovel skill.

Lvl 100+
I can't comment on anything above lvl 100 since I haven't played a eni above that level. I also know very little about equips or pvp above that level either. If you want to stay pure cha, keep putting points into vitality, scroll everything you can as high as you can (apart from strength) and try to find +chance sets. I've heard that chance enis lose their effectiveness at that level, and int enis take over. It might be worth asking around to find more opinions. If so, use otomais and put all your points into int - you'll need to find some vitality parts to make up for the lost base vitality. But whichever way you decide to go, good luck!

PvP Hints and Tips (General)
- Try to get hold of as many dofuses (dofii?) as possible. The wisdom dofus is probably the most important one, as it's fairly cheap and gives +ap/mp resistance bonus (as well as extra XP)
- Dopple runs give scrolls, and also a good way of levelling - you should be able to defeat dopples easily enough once you hit 54.
- Until you can afford to sacrifice chance equips for ap equips, your first turn will be spent buffing - so unless you're against a cra, choose a starting spot far enough away from the enemy so they can't deal too much damage to you in your first turn.
- Most int characters will be using cherry blop set at lvl 50-80, and will subsequently have 50% water weakness. This means you deal 50% more damage to these players. Use this to your advantage!
- In your first turn, cast spells in this order: Friendship Word (Summon coney), Stimulating word (include coney in the AP boost). You will be left with 2/3ap. If 2 ap, cast lifting word or word of thorn. If 3 ap, try to hit the enemy with draining word.
- Always try to hit as many coneys as you can with stim word - they can heal you twice per turn if you can. It's worth using frightening word on an enemy to allow you to get into position to stim word coney.
- Every time coney is availiable to summon, do it. The healing and MP boosts stack up!
- Resistances can be the key to battle. If you struggle alot of agi cras, look into getting an Air Dial or otherwise air resist shield. It might even be beneficial to splash out on a 20% resist bwak of each type, and switch out the DT when you need it.

PvP Hints and Tips (Cras)
- Cras will be hard to beat until you reach lvl 62, esepcially agi cras. Try to avoid them at all costs.
- Cras above lvl 70 will almost certainly be agi cras. Their main attack spell then is just like vampiric word, except it deals twice as much damage, has no linear restriction and has almost infinite range. If you get into a fight with a lvl 70+ cra, you've lost. Unless you're lucky.
- When a cra uses Bats Eye on you, you will need to use word of youth to dispel it. Be clever in the order you decide to do this in. Word of youth will dispel your AP boost and your MP boost from coney. Word of youth will always bring you to 3 ap, no matter your initial AP. (Unless your base AP is higher than 7). Always cast whatever spells you can first, and leave yourself with 4 ap to then use word of youth. However, don't buff before using word of youth. Specifically, if you need to use word of youth and stim word is availiable for use, use word of youth first - it will always leave you with enough AP to use stim word after. Also, if your coneys have MP boosted you, do the running before you cast word of youth. For example, if you have 5 base mp, and 2 coneys out, you will have 7 mp. If you use word of youth first, you can only run 5 cells. If you run first THEN word of youth, you can run 7 cells.
- After using word of youth, you only have 7 ap (if you use the set suggestions above)
- Remember that retreat arrow is linear. Try to approach cras diagonally rather than straight on.
- Don't run away from cras, it won't work.
- Plauging arrow can be cast twice per turn, and can hit over most obstacles.
- You can identify the element of cras easily. Toady hat (massive white box with red circles on it) means agi cra. Royal gobball hat means int cras (fairly easy to beat) or str cras (can be nasty, better than agi).
- Punitive arrow has a 1 turn cooldown and has a minimum range, and can't hit over obstacles. Use this to your advantage.
- Coney has a fairly small heal range. The cra might decide to use Bats Eye on the coney to stop it from healing you - this works. Use word of youth on the coney to fix it, although the coney will lose the AP and heals buff.

PvP Hints and Tips (Sacriers)
- Most fights will consist of a standoff. Nobody will move, and you keep hitting each other every turn.
- If they use vital punishment, they heal half of what damage you deal when you hit them. Therefore it might be worth only hitting them once per turn, and using draining word instead of the 2nd hit. That way they can only hit you once the next turn.
- When stim word is next availiable it's worth sacrifing 1x vampiric word to use frightening word and get in line with coney in order to AP boost him. Then get back next to the sac and hit with vampiric, or if vital punishment is on, draining.
- When they're at half health, their "Punishment" spell deals the most damage. Be ready for it!
- If the sac is a chance sac, they have an AoE attack spell and remember they can swap places with you or coney. Try to get your placement right so they can't hit you and coney in the same shot, even if they use attraction and swap.
- Keep an eye on what punishments they put on. If they're using an agi punishment, you probably can't dodge roll them! Also remember that coney has more agility than you, but if they put an agi punishment on, they can probably dodge roll coney too.

PvP Hints and Tips (Int Iops)
- You will struggle with int iops, even if they have 50% water weakness from cherry blop set. They usually have 9 ap and can hit 3x with strengthstorm, dealing 175-225 damage per shot. They usually have no agility though, so your best chance is to dodge lock them and force them to waste ap on pushing you, as strengthstorm has a minimum range. Intimidation and blow use 4 ap, so if they have 9 ap, forcing them to use intimidation or blow on you will bring them down to 5 ap - only enough for 1x SS.
- Generally, don't waste time with draining or paralysing word, every shot counts. I often lose to an int iop, and one more turn for me would have won me the game.
- However, if you can't finish your turn stood next to them, then it might be wise to sacrifice a vampiric with for a draining word in order to make up for the fact they don't have to push you.
- It might be worth swapping a ring for the +1 ap gelano, so that you can start hitting straight after you summoned and buffed coney. You will be left with 3-4 ap after the initial buff. If 4 ap, hit with vampiric. If 3, hit with draining. You (usually) only need to drain 1 ap in order to reduce their SS to 2x per turn.
- It might also be worth finding a fire res% shield to use specifically for int iops, as 10% reduction in damage would make a big difference.
- If you can start right on the other side of the map from them, and you have Lifting Word levelled to 5, you could try starting there and hitting them from afar whilst they buff and run towards you. If they have any sense they'll either jump straight in and start hitting you, in which case you get a free shot since they had to waste AP jumping, or they'll hide where you can't hit them and spend all their turns buffing and maybe cut'ing you. In which case, keep your range, see if you can get into a position where you can paralyse or drain them, keep stacking Lifting Word and remember the more turns spent waiting for the enemy to come out, the more coneys you can get out. If you get out 3 coneys, buff them all and run to them (if they're still hiding).

PvP Hints and Tips (Vit Osas)
- Your worst nightmare will be the boar. It hits you twice and pushes you ~10 cells, when buffed, and has 45% water resistance. Depending on the cirumstances, it might be worth ignoring the boar (it will dodge lock you, so use frighting word) and go straight for the osa. If the osa starts first and summons boar which pushes you before your turn even starts, push it with frightening and summon coney next to it. If you're lucky, the boar will be distracted or even dodge locked by coney leaving you to deal with the osa.
- Don't bother killing tofus unless you really can't do anything else with your AP.
- Usually the osa has 10+ap, so draining word won't be very useful.
- Paralysing word is especially helpful here, as the osa often uses summons as a meatshield in order to escape.
- If they summon a prespic, kill it asap. Prioritise killing that prespic over anything else, it stops you from attacking twice! It usually dies from 1 shot with vampiric.
- Once you get right next to the osa, usually it's endgame (you win). But be careful, they might be able to dodge roll or use Release spell on you. And they can summon multiple boars too!

My Stats
My Akwadala set gives 283 chance, 307 with shield. It also gives +1ap and +1mp with shield. At ~350 chance, you can hit 100-130 per hit, which is 50-65 heals per hit. In total that's 200-260 damage per turn, and 100-130 heals per turn. This is not taking into account resistances. At lvl 71, these are my stats:
Vitality 350 (+415), Wisdom 26 (+74), Strength 0 (+0), Intelligence 0 (+0), Chance 49 (+307), Agility 0 (+7) - Initiative 363 (+100), AP 6 (+1), MP 3 (+2)
That's 1170 life in total. Also, +2 range and 3 summons. Total wisdom is 100, meaning 10 ap/mp loss resistance.

Remember, there isn't a set way of building a character - or even a best way. This guide shows you the way I took, and it's pretty effective - although the weaknesses are clear. If you feel using different equipment, or levelling a different spell might help you better, then try it out. You can change equipment real easy, and changing spells isn't too hard. Just be careful when scrolling/pointing, because stats are slightly harder to change once you scrolled.
This needs updating and reworking because Iops Intimidation and blow both cost 2AP you were thinking of the both together hence 4AP.
So they can still do 2 times SS.
And the eniripsa has more threats like itself and sadida's, maqs, rogues, srams and foggs.
And maybe you should use akwadala only against fire based targets.

All options for level 70 and below.
And use Crocodyl Chief set with gelano to have: (Best option seeing it gives ok stats but also alot of AP, MP, resistance, and the option to hit from range with the Enis air spell forgot name)
9AP and 4MP.
128 - 155 vitality.
165 chance.
220 agi.
lowest res numbers fire and water res 14%.
air 24% and earth 20%.
1 Range.
11 - 15% power.

You can also chance mage gelano.

Also an option would be:
131 - 185 chance
Ice Kwak set and gelano.

Last option i give is:
Gives: (stats aren't 100% accurate excpets for chance)
Moskito set.
Gelano chance maged.
Caraboots / Gobball breeder boots. (Cara is more chance and GBB is MP)
Ouginiakal Belt / Crocodyl Chief Belt.

235 - 255 chance
about 50 agi
1 Range
Ice Bwak can give 80 more chance.
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ShootNuts|2013-09-24 16:01:19
My current set (110 cha-eni)

Amulet 80
Royal Indigo Amublop

Royal Indigo Blop Belt

Royal Indigo Bloopts

#1 Ring
Royal Indigo Blop Ring

Jules Yano's Cloak

#2 Ring
Indigo Blop Ring


Pet/Mount 60
Indigo+Ivory Dragoturkey
for Hats, you have 3 choices:

Cha Hat 30
Pilbocks Hat (For PVM) - can do better, but I'm waiting for 114 to use my ances set ^^

Vit Hat 79
King Jellix Crown (For Kolo, against close combat)

AP Hat 60
Caracap (Not exactly necessary; best of the 3 but only if you already have one. Not worth buying just for this set.)

For either of the first two hats, you should have 9/5, +3 range, +3 - 4 summons, with decent Chance and Vit, depending on which one you get, but I strongly suggest getting both and switching around between PVM and PVP.

This set has lasted me from 80 till 110, and has worked remarkably well for me. One downside is lack of Wis, but you'll be speeding though Kolo so you shouldn't need to worry about EXP; however, if you're someone who likes to steal AP/MP, this may not be the set for you.

Also, be warned, when you reach 114 and switch to a Vit+Chance Ancestral Set + Gelano, you'll be at 10/4 with reduced Range. You may want to supplement that MP and Range loss with a Voyager and a Twitcher (both Trophies), but that's not cheap.

Posted this as a reply to another thread and reposting here: this is my suggested set for a Chance Eni at the end of your guide, and slightly beyond
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I love this guide, it inspired me to create a Chance Eni which is now lvl 191. I wear a glad Bwork set, Mopy Sovereign Cape and ring. Chance is about 750, Int 550, Agi 300 and power 100% with 10/11AP and 5 mp with trophies.

One thing that I think is not covered enough, is the importance of high vitality. I currently do 2 x 600+ damage with vamp word, and I often use a Placee Bow which hits another 500+. So with 12 AP I am doing 1700 damage per turn and stealing 850 hp. In my opinion, stealing is the key aspect of the Cha Eni as it means unless your opponent is hitting more than the combined damage AND steal, you are going to kill them first. But without high vitality and with the effect of erosion, stealing hp becomes progressively less useful to the Chance eni imo.

The biggest difficulty I encounter is which weapon to use.

I have a Water maged peccary blade (ouch when that hits with weapon skill and motolov ;-) but I find I don't get in to close combat that often. The Placee Bow is great as it give a non linear steal (20 chance steal, 20 agility steal) but does not have additional vitality in its stats. Zoth warrior axe gives good damage when boosted and the AP is helpful, but again, in close combat, you are more likely to want to Vamp word the opponent as you need the HP steal.

I guess it is a question of what tactic one wants to use with your eni. To me the chance Eni is a mid range player, hanging around behind the big hitting close combat iops and scariers. I am very interested to know how other people play them as on my server I haven't seen many at all at high lvl and it is worrying me.
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Is leveling mot olov a good ideea(at lvl 60)?
soon realised the answer would be yes tongue 
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