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evel 48 Int/Vit Osa needs advice about strength and gear after ditching Gob set for Scara....

By Tycharenia January 21, 2011, 18:59:48

Hello friendly peeps. I play an int/vit Osa on Aermyne, level 48, her name is Meadowrue. You can look me up in character search for more details, but the gist of it right now is:

I miss whip working well. I got rid of the Gobball set which had given me +79 strength and my whip was a wonderful terror before... now... wimpy whip. I have 1 strength.

My question is: how do I get strength back with gear - which gear? Is it even important to do it this way, or should I just level whip? I think strength must be somewhat important because if I want to wield a hammer like say, Ragnarok soon, I will need some to do so. If a hammer needs strength to be wielded, does it have to be base strength? Or can it come from gear?

My gear right now (and it feels like a hodgepodge) Is:

Red Scara set

Kama Assutra Amulet

Gobball Hammer

Moth eaten Farmer Mittens

Failette Boots

My playing style is quirky I guess... I like to solo a lot, but enjoy being in groups to. Soloing, I really enjoy being able to dispense with monsters' summons quickly with whip, buff up my gobballs, and dish out my own damage with Ghostly Claw. I don't have POC yet. In groups, I tend to pick a place where I can take down a big beast with two buffed gobballs, and I mostly heal and protect my summons although I do healing and support for other group members when I think they need it or the Gobballs are doing fine on their own.

Knowing this - Maybe I should be playing the odd int/vit/strength Osa I have seen in a guide somewhere? Don't know, I am having a hard time figuring it all out. Right now I have Int at 147 and Vit at 30. One point in Strength. Five wisdom. Nothing in any other stats. I have heard that in the coming levels Osas use part of Jellix set, Cherry Blop, etc. Some mention using the Royal Gobball Headgear - this may be the thing to do for me. I need to keep in mind getting more AP (I have 7 right now) and MP, too.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Facepalms?


Ah and I haven't done any scrolling. It seems like you have to be a millionaire to afford that. I do baker's dozen (temple dopple runs) though, so I have a meager amount of scrolling possible....

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