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What items do I buy?

By bladesxhelper#3258 - SUBSCRIBER - June 12, 2013, 22:10:26
Alright so I'm currently making a kolo osa. My goal is to get to / and stay around the level 100 area.

I have chosen vitality because I think they are the best in kolo (opinion) , I currently have a billalo , a 100 plum and ginger , can you please suggest whats the best or great vitality or items for my level?

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I once had a vit kolo osa which i made lvl 113 or something i think. The set i used was Billablo, Powerful dazzling belt and cape, a gelano and minototo boots, ring and amulet and emerald/(ging or almond) mount, and a god rod.

I had about 2k hp, 12 ap, 5 mp and a lot of summons.

Also just a bit of advice of what happened to me...i was on a winning streak and was pretty good for a bit. But soon kolo started to get a little bit unfair when i started vsing lvl 160+.
Hope i helped biggrin

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