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Class Improvement Suggestion

By chaotichazz - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2015, 17:00:01

So a revamp of the Osamodas class has been talked about and I'd like to put some of my ideas forward. Though I have never been an Osamodas myself, I have been in teams with them before.

My suggestion is regarding the summons they have. Currently, they have fixed creatures. However, I'm suggesting that as the Spell Level increases, the type of creature summoned changes as well. For example, the spell 'Summoning of Gobball' summons a Gobball levels 1-6. With my suggestion, this would change. From levels 1-2 it would be a Gobbly, levels 3-4 a Gobball, level 5 a Gobball War Chief, and then at lvl 6 a Royal Gobball. As the spell progresses, the power of the creature, as well as the health and stats, would increase.

The same would of course go for the other summons. Summoning of Crackler would be a Crackrock in levels 1-2, Crackler in levels 3-4, Plain Crackler in level 5 and Legendary Crackler in level 6.

This is just something I've been thinking about for a while, so I'd like to get some feedback from people about progressive summoning spells.

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I like the idea, though I don't think it would have a great impact on gameplay since the balancing of summons' stats would be done independently of how the summons look.

The problem with the Osamodas class runs deep, as summoning is meant to be the Osamodas' main class role, yet (as many have pointed out) summoning is less important than buffing, healing, and hitting -- especially at endgame.

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What would be the point in having level 1-4 appearances? Every osamodas would just level their summon to 5-6 anyway. Level 1-4 appearances would simply just be a waste of coding time (except for level 1 tofu and prespic who are least priority summon).

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Gunner, that was a situation that I was thinking about. There is the alternative of having something like, for the Summoning of Gobball, a Gobball for levels 1-5 and a Gobball War Chief at level 6. The whole idea is for the summons to not only get a buff, but for that buff to be visible and aesthetic.

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I was actually going to make my own suggestion for Osamodas so instead of wasting forum space I think I will just post it here I hope you don't mind.

One of the main issues I see with Osamodas is they don't have enough attacks and their summons are incredibly useless.
The problem with Osamodas summons though is balancing them. Finding the Middle between PvM and PvP is very hard, but I think I know a solution that might help.

Making summons stats have a more drastic change depending on the summoner's level meaning a level 36 Osamodas's level 6 Gobbal would not even compare to a level 200's gobbal in terms of health, resistances, and damage.

As well as adding Buffs/Attacks to add a variety to the Osamodas' attacks and elements like Wakfu...

As well as using a tri-damage attack that when you hit a player summons will focus on that player more. (Reference Foggernaut's Ambush)
Also this move used on a summon can activate "Evolution." state which will reward summons who survive by buffing them in their stats the longer they are out, but revert after a few turns. The penalty for using evolution state would restrict the Osamodas from summoning while the state is active.

Also to end this post before I forget a summon that heals only summons and attacks.

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Might I suggest moving this talk to the Official Osamodas Balancing Thread?