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Drawback of Soft Oak Set

By Oritaleczek#7589 - SUBSCRIBER - April 13, 2017, 16:41:45


I'm doing my best to comeback to the game as revamped Osamodas, I am at 170 level at the moment, but still have Soft Oak on. It worked well before, but now, I strongly lack having more summons. I used to wield Toy Hammer, but now as a replacement (in order to have at least two summs) I have gobb hammer. Funny, right.
Could you possibly help me and let me know what kind of gear should I purchase now? My thoughts are; it's essential to have at least 3 summons.

Speaking about the build, I think sticking to fire build is the most reasonable way, but i'd like to make a hybrid with earth or air, just by the future gear I suppose. What are the best items I can wear now? Any friendly, experienced Osamodas know that? I am really thankful for any information!

Lots of love!

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pro weap much sumon Click here

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You could also use hammer ican, which is a great healing weapon with +2 summons. Thanos staff works too. Also, pretty sure there are rings that give +summons.

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