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pure agi osa or agi/int

By akrilotharrr - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 20, 2017, 08:52:15

hi guys , I;m currently playing as an agi osa , but I tried out the wyrm summon and they look pretty good as well , but I'm not sure if I should break my points into agi and intel or just continue as pure agi , I also hear that str osa got buffed , so :

1- should I change to agi/int

2-which build is best for pvm and dungeon bosses solo


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1 - Stick with that you enjoy playing.
You don't have to put points into int to use the dragons, or str for the gobballs.
The stats are going contributing to that summon if you're in that form (so the int you have only goes towards wyrm when you're in wyrm form, and str only towards gobballs in gobball form). Depending on which form you plan on staying in, will determine where you should put your points.
I'm usually in wyrm form, because it gives +AP to all summons, but I often use tofu and gobball (so they attack twice, vs attacking once in tofu/gobball form). In this case, I sacrifice controlling the tofu/gobball and my agi/str contributing to damage, for them to be able to attack twice.

2 - Agi/tofu osa are better at soloing end-game than any other single-type osa right now because they have better numbers (longer cooldown on other types of summons)
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