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Set for a lvl200 Str Osa

By NARCISSECR#4729 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2017, 16:58:00

Hey, I'm currently having problems upgrading my set.
I'm currently wearing Click here, but the neutral res is terrible.
Here is my current best attempt at upgrading it Click here, but the crits dropped a lot, which is bad since I use elite chaferfu for healing (I sometime switch the major goliath for an AP loss res trophy btw).

Anybody got something good they could suggest? Thanks.

Small update, I'm going to go with Click here , which is pretty much my old set with an ice dofus instead of the ochre, 2 lvl200 items and some neutral res exo along with a neutral carapace.
There doesn't seem to be many str osas, so it's hard to compare sets.

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Well, time moved and it's been a few months already. Right now I'm wearing which is summed up by getting an abyssal, catseye bow and wearing the ochre again for the +1AP if not hit bonus.

I talked with another osamodas and he suggested which is pretty much the same end result, but with different equipment, a teeny bit more damage and less crits.

Another build that might viable for pvp is the srambad osa, str-cha, shown here without shield/cloudy so the damage preview isn't skewed: , as you can see it packs a punch and has good crit res.

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Sup bud!
This is something I made it's not incredible but it's something. You could modify it to be Str/Int if you wanted to. Getting Summons and Range seems to be something you have to trade between sadly.

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I have mixed feelings about str-int osas; in the end they don't really heal enough, so they just end up being the same as weak str osas that can use dragon's breath for enemies that are too far. 
It's nice that you managed to 5 summons without exos, even if you're stuck using lower leveled items. 
Thanks for sharing Brav.

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