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What should I know about Osa now, after coming back from 4 years?

By takshi - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2017, 12:00:23

I've heard there were a lot of changes in terms of being able to take control of your summons. 

Looked up the log but I'd like to know how people are playing Osa now in game. What spells do people level now, what builds are they? What should I put points into characteristics/spells wise?


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Now you can use animal link to morph with one of your summons. Each type (dragon, gobball, or tofu) grants a different form.
Dragon is nice for heals
Gobball is Tanky/cc
Tofu ofc has great movement.

Depending on which route you want to go, you'd put your points into vit/agi or int or str

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Firstly, welcome back to Dofus. I have recently rejoined the Dofus-force myself. smile

The osa class has definitely changed a lot, some may argue for the better and others not. Personally, I believe the osa received a great revamp and I am happy with the class overall.

So, starting from the top, yes, the osa is still a summoning class. However, we no longer fall mainly in the support/buff-bot role, we are now extremely versatile and can change our roles mid-combat. Also take note (which you probably already have), we now have 6 summons, which consists of black tofu, podgy tofu, black gobball, gobball, black wyrmling and red wyrmling, all helping in their own way.

As Dahammer2806 stated above, we are able to morph with our summons, resulting in the death of the summon and a recreation of the osa. Morphing works as follows:

  • Tofu: Provides great mobility; dodge and ability to control all tofu summons, which deal air damage;
  • Gobball: The more "tanky" role, providing an increase is lock and ability to control all gobball summons, which deal neutral and earth damage;
  • Wyrmling: The "healer" morph, increases base healing and gives you the ability to control all wyrmlings which in-turn, provide further heals.

Some skills, such as whip, will change according to whichever morph you have taken:
  • Tofu morph: Whip spell will knock opponent back;
  • Gobball: Attracts target / earth damage; and
  • Wyrmling: Heals ally / fire damage opponent.

Regarding characteristics, personally I believe going a dual-build, either int/agi or int/str, even all three if you are able to afford it. I am currently int/agi and really enjoying the versatility of being able to deal fire and air damage, as well as providing heals to my team.

Spells to level: 

Honestly, all spells are useful in their own way. However, spells to max are:
  • Summons (all summons);
  • Base-build damage spells
    • Int: Dragonic and Dragon's breath;
    • Agi: Canine and Duster; and
    • Str: Fossil and Crackler punch.
  • Other spells which help a lot, include:
    • Sacrificial fire;
    • High energy shot; and
    • Whip

I recommend keeping symbiosa, natural defense and call to order at level one, personally I do not use these spells that much.

I hope this helps you.
Again, welcome back to Dofus and I hope you enjoy your time back. smile
Happy playing!
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