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Osamodas, stats

By TimoM1304 - SUBSCRIBER - August 14, 2017, 03:43:38

Been playing the osa class for a week now and really like it, but want to get everything out of it so I can lvl up faster. however, there is just this 1 thing I cant figure out. When I use my charasteristic points on int, will my dragons become stronger or would I first need to use animal link to be on myself and give my summons of that family a part of the power from my int stats? because I was thinking about going 50-50 for strenght and int IF that would mean that my gobballs as well as my dragons would both be stonger at the same moment. since you can only Control 1 type of family at the time. If animal link is needed to make the dragon or gobal stonger(so it would not receive any boosts from my charasteristic points otherwise) going 50-50 doesnt seem like a good idea anymore, hope there are a few experienced osamodas players out there who could tell me the answer.

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summon strong only with link

osa mono class not multi

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