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Osamodas Noob

By ChantopherX - SUBSCRIBER - August 23, 2017, 20:52:40

Hello, I remember playing this game like 6 years ago and i loved to play the Osamodas but everything has changed. Can someone give me any advice? which is the best type of osamodas and things like that, thank you

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Hey, i recently came back too. A lot changed from good old p2p pandas biggrin
I have a lower level osas but im in the process or getting him going again...
Agi osa:
-High damage and tofu spamming.
-Best map manupilation and pushing about
-tofu form boosts all summons mp and gives tofus extra agi/dmg

Intel osa:
-one of the best healers
-reasonable ranged damage and summon healing
-drgons breath allows wyrms attacks to heals 2cells around target.
-wyrm form mainly used for boosting all summons ap (x2attacks)

Str osa:
- suprisingly decent close range aoe attacks
-boosts gobballs str and slow battlrs due to high resist gobbs
-gobball form reduces damage taken and so makes for tanky battles.

Preferences seem to be either 1 element with a bit of resistance since yuu summons deal the damage and liklihood is you will be wyrm form to boost all summons ap and so probably wont boost summons dmg (wyrm form only boosts wyrms intel). My favourite idea is high resistance and mediocre stats (dofusplanner shows around 44-55% resistance with 700 agi and 3.5khp) which allows you to be extremely tanky and hit reasonably on your own.

This is a limited input from someone who doesnt play an osa (188 eca and 186 cra) but am intrigued by osas

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thanks for the advices! 

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