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Osa pre lvl 60 build?

By Summosoul - SUBSCRIBER - January 15, 2018, 01:31:15

What would be a good set to an Agi Osamodas, also its better to put all points on agi or some in other stats?

Also, Is a good thing going to koli before lvl 60? 

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I'm also very interested in this topic. Could some experienced osa give us an answer?

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Well, as you don't have to skill certain spells anymore (they progress as you progress), and there are ensembles now, I'd say: try and error. You could even make an ensemble for every single element.

Normally you don't put more than 200 points in one stat, as with 3 points per stat-point (cap after 200 stat-points), something like vita or a second element can come in handy (especially with the spellrange you have nowadays).

I'm lvl 91 str-int atm, so there should be some more experienced Osas around. Still, making your own experience will be best.

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