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Returning player (3+- years)

By thomaatje - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 20, 2018, 19:12:50

Hiya guys,

I've been away for about +- 3 years and played before fogger, helio, hupper and ougi classes were out and many things have changed. I used to play with a 4ap toy hammer (crit based intel osa) and now all my spells have changed and i'm a bit at loss. I used to play with long range 1/2 claws 4ap or close range with toy hammer or some summons, but mostly used my summon buffs on players to heal or buff. Currently level 171 and i'd like to chat with another osa to see if he can help me figure out whats best for me to respec to since i have all my points. message me here or in game (Iquey). 


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Welcome back Thoma! ^^ I only recently ame back myself and am currently sitting with a 152 Osa. From what I can tell, mono or duo elements are the strongest builds at the moment with strength, agi and chance all being pretty viable. I've seen some pretty strong str Osas dominate in kolo while I'm pure agi and have no problem soloing dungeons around my level (Royal Masto and the like). 

From what I've experienced I'd say that you should definitely look to refocus on your summons for whatever element you choose. Your buffs almost exclusively work on them now instead of allies (RIP ap buffs xD). If you are looking to PvP I'd probably say go with str as Gobballs are terrifying when buffed but if it's for PvM I don't think I can recommend anything better than agi for now tongue

Hope this helped at least a little bit, good luck! ^^

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Ahh thanks for the welcoming words, but wait what... str, agi and chance osa?? What happened to the intel osa?

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In the recent update they made it to where every class can "realistically" play any element they want. Intelligence still exists for osa, most people just find it underwhelming compared to the others.

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