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By monkybird - SUBSCRIBER - April 10, 2018, 22:03:29

I've returned to Dofus after about a year and i've witnessed the last Osamodas changes which i really liked but with the last 2 patches (2.45 & 2.46) they changed the whole spell system and im not sure what i'm supposed to do with this. Is intelligence still the best build to go? what are the best spells to combine with intelligence (or with another stat if thats better)?

If u know for the love of god give me some clue's D:


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It depends on the role you want to fullfill. Int is really viable for heals. Dragonic hits decent damage with good range (though linear), and heals everyone who attacks the target afterwards by 25% of the damage made. Dragonbreath enables healing around the hit target if a Wyrmling attacks the attack, so black wyrmling heals even more than before, red and albino wyrmling heal too then.

By skilling int you share 50% of your intelligence with your wyrmlings if you fuse with them. And of course you can heal more by using your whip.

I'm lvl 101 atm, and I'm skilled int / str, to be able to tank using the gobbal-fuse, using my gobbals to do damage and dragons to heal, and of course for that sweet, sweet crackler punch AoE-dmg.

You could also go cha for full dmg potential, but that's only really viable at lvl 105 upwards, as you can exchange Dragonic for Aquatic wave. By using Geyser u can top up your dmg by 70%, then using aquatic wave for 15% more dmg on the target through your summons. Those Toads hit really hard without buffs, but with 50% of your chance, 15% extra dmg through Aquatic wave and 100% extra power through your whip, the dmg is really nice.

Last build (and pretty much reccommended for lower levels) would be agi. Those Tofus do some decent dmg the first round, they hit harder every round until the fifth round, they got a massive range, are hard to lock, and they can change place with you. You also get 2 extra mp when fusing with them, and the Tofurby does some really decent dmg with his pushback.

I soloed most low lvl dungeons as osa just by spamming an army of tofus and keeping my distance, and I didn't even had agility skilled for the 50% bonus for the summons.

Id say go agility when you struggle at lower lvls, go chance if you want to be a damaging machine of destruction, str for tanking and int for healing. Mix up what seems best to you (like str / int for example, I enjoy this build the most personally), you can't really go wrong honestly, as long as you know how to manage your summons. To be fair, summons are the bread and butter of the class, you're more into ummoning nowadays than before Osas got changed.

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Aight, my char is already lvl 158 and fully invested in intelligence. The spells i run now are: 

- Albino Tofu (becasue of the MP steal u can control the map better)
- Canine (again because of the utility, although i don't think i'll use this spell much)
- Dragonic (solid spell for int Osa's)
- Animal Union (not sure if this is actually better then Animal link i may change it in the future but it has the potential to save u 1ap in your rotation)
- Fossil (again because of the utility in combination with the albino tofu u can lock them down, sedimentation could also be good if u are struggling with enemies that 1shot ur summons)
- Sacrificial Fire (i only took this because i think i won't ever need the standard Gobball in any situation. i've only found Sacrificial Fire useful in dungeons where i've come short on healing because of dead dragons)
- Call to order (This might come in handy but u will probably never use, i just dont like the ideal of sacrificing my hp for a 2turn shield)
- Podgy tofu ( i loved to use podgy and takeoff to be insanely mobile before the rework but that ain't a possibility anymore. Both spells are really good and this choice is pure personal preference)
- Whip (Don't need the repell shit from Crop with the spells i'm already using and the healing is quite nice)
- Duster (honestly both duster and plucking are shit with an intelligence build, but i wont sacrifice my tofu's for a bit more dmg on plucking)
- Black Gobball (Honestly ur best friend, don't underestimate the power of the gravity state and its bulkyness, if they cant kill it they are trapped)
- Black wyrmling (healing from black is better, only upside on albino is its attack range (not just a single line). I think the aow heals on black just are way to strong not to keep)
- Dragon's breath (solid dmg spell for Int builds and has healing potential, its counterpart can be really usefull tho in things like kolo to save mates, but against monsters i'd say dragon's breath is the better choice)
- Albino toad (it's tankier and poison dmg on black toad sucks balls. wouldn't use it much anyway)
- crackler punch (no use whatsoever, clears low lvl's around u quick but i dont see any other use for it on int osa's, better invest in the 'lightning strike' spell which is the same but int based)
- geyser (150% power buff for 2 turns, do i need to say more, natural defence can be useful but is a bit gimmicy)
- Slimy toad (even without chance in ur build it deals solid damage and is pretty bulky)
- Spiritual leash (honestly great spell, can be good in combination with animal link)
- Red wyrmling (core summon on int build, get it out every fight)
- High-energy shot (again core spell, great on your wyrmlings for great damage but also great on your black gobball to trap enemies)
- Replacement (although im not lvl 200 yet, the potential of this spell looks amazing and i would highly recommend this)

If anyone disagree's or has tips please let me know

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What do you mean by "investing" in lightning strike? You can't invest any more, or is there something I overlooked? Cracker Punch has more base dmg then lightning strike, but that's only viable for str chars of course.

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