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Lvl 66 Osa help

By Cerinade - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 02, 2018, 20:38:40

My gf (60 Eni) and I started on the mono server about a week ago and we didn't have any troubles running the dungeons as duo and getting all the achievements. Now we feel like it's getting much harder to get any, so I'm thinking I should upgrade my gear. Currently I'm using pure Agi, toady set, soft treering, coco blop set and mad tofu cloak with a lvl 38 bow meow. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (Builds, gear, trophys, what kind of pet; petsmount, turkey ect) Don't have much kamas but I've been building up a decent sum so would prefer to keep it cheep. Thanks in advance. smile on Ilyzaelle server IGN: Cepse

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