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Osa builds!

By ahungryhippo - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2019, 21:17:03

coming back to play the game again found my favorite class to be almost completely reworked its pretty fun still i enjoy the old play style better.. i made a new osa on the temp server 6 (Minito if you want to find me). well i'm curious on which can just dish out that damage and have the funnest play style! i've had an idea with stating up agi and making op tofus the mp at lower levels seems busted. ive heard the healing is the best in the game. I've statted full str its and noticed the gobbles don't affect much off of it. 

are you other osa's enjoying the changes?


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wis/summon osa is the way to go in my opinion xD

once you hit level 40, your tofus will be hitting 70+ per attack even if you have all your points in wisdom (and each tofu hit twice per turn if you fuse with them)

example of some +summon items you can wear at low level would be prespic hat, red piwi cape, gobball hammer, and some piwi amulet/boots also gives +summons but I forget which colors tongue

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