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Class Improvement - Osamodas

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:57:51

This topic is intended to gather your ideas and suggestions on improvements to the Osamodas class.
Please, keep in mind that class balancing focuses on both PvP and PvM at once.

Ankama intervention 2

Regarding the Osamodas class, overall you find it really interesting to play (it is viable and fun) in most modes.
We note, however, a slight difference for the fire and earth modes, which you find much less fun to play and less interesting for PvE combat.

In the forums:
The discussions on Osamodas contained many questions on the summons system and the air path, which seems to predominate with the use of the Plucking spell.
The changes and topics addressed widely by players also showed a need for an overhaul more than simple balancing for this class.

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I've been playing Osamodas since I first started playing this game in 2008. They are my favorite class of all time, both gameplay wise, and thematically.

Most of my gripes with Osamodas TODAY is that they are visually unpleasing. Their animations and transformations look lazy and uninspired. Also, as of when I last played the game, the Tofu build for Osamodas really wasn't that viable, and the Gobball transformation was actually useless.

For Osas, I would recommend rethinking a lot of their abilities, like below:

First: Redo all their transformations. In my personal opinion, you can use the horns on their heads as a sort of "transformation" aesthetic, also in all transformations the would still be wearing their clothing rather than a full look transform.
In their Tofu form, they have a light feather down on their skin, and a large plume of feathers instead of their horns.
In their Gobball form, they would be wearing a Gobball wool vest, wear a cowboy hat, and have humongous Gobball Warchief horns instead of their usual horns.
For their Dragon form, use the one you have in Wakfu. That form is BAD-ASS. 
Toad form I actually have no idea what it looks like, since I was not around when it appeared. Do whatever I guess.

As for useability:

Tofu Form: Tofu form gives lots of MP, but fixes their resistances to 0%. They would also be able to switch positions with their summons (without killing them), summon many tofus in rapid succession (AoE summon maybe?) and their whip would deal air damage while moving enemies back with MP removal. They also get a dodge buff.

Gobball Form: Gob form would greatly increase the Osamodas HP (Maybe double it?) and give it 10% final damage reduction. However they lose a lot of range on their damaging spells. They also gain a Lock buff.

Wyrm form: In Wyrm form, the Osamoda would simply gain a fat %damage bonus, and possibly reduced AP cost on offensive spells.

Toad: I honestly have no idea. Tofu has mobility, Gobball has durability, and Wyrm has damage. I guess Toad would give range, and MP/AP reduction?

And finally, the one gripe that I really only care about, the change that will make me come back to the game and start playing consistently again:

Give Osamodas their cute old appearance back. (And their hat!)

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you are bad osa player

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I don't get why the guy above suggested to boost this class.
It is very necessary to nerf the plucking spell.

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No he didn't....

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I actually want to agree with CoolRay about the Osa aesthetics. I've also been maining this Osa for almost a decade. I've played the class through its ups and downs, and no future buff or nerfs will change that.

My problem is that I despise these total transformation visuals. All four appearances are goofy looking. They completely ruin the feel of playing your unique character in battle.

I think the transformations should be done away with. Instead make simple changes to the Osa's depending what form they are in. These more simple designs can still properly serve as a visual cue to easily tell which form the osa has adopted.
-Dragon form: Could just have two wings grow out of the osa's back. The wing would take on the color of the individual character. So for example, my Osa's wings would be a light blue as its my skin color. (Sorry Ray the full wakfu transformation is ugly. smile Only the wings are needed)
-Gobbal form: Two large gobbal horns grow from the osa's head. The osa also holds a large gobbal hammer. (Don't make the hammer so rounded, clunky, and awkward as it currently is though.)
-Tofu form: I say you should take inspiration from the picture in Ray's post. Have a tofu sitting on the Osa's shoulder and some perched on the osa's arms.
-Frog form: Maybe a tadpole  by the Osa's feet. (Not a black, albino, or slimy toad that could be confused for a summon. Just a different looking immature frog )

I recall some years ago when you gave the Sacrier class two new visual forms to show their state (one was a weird purple form, the other looked like the skin was inside out). These didn't go over well so eventually you made the change to the very simple, class lore appropriate designs we have now. Sacriers look like themselves again. Please make those kind of changes for Osa's next. No more full body transformations!

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I actually agree with this (I wasn't expecting to). The Sacrier example was good. I'd like to see a similar type of change to the Osa aesthetics. I love the Osa transformations, but still want to be able to see (and show off) my character during battle.

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It would be nice to have an option to disable the transformation look.
What's the point of an osa costumising themselves ( like every other class can) if they spend every fight in a different form that removes all forms of customisation (your colours, pets, mounts, mimis, ect...) we all look the same

Also, whirlwind will never be used by a chance osa in serious play. No other "big summon" ( podgy tofu, gobball, red wyrmling) has a spell variant that only the element that summon is would use (Takeoff is borderline useless, but atleast it can give some mobility to earth, fire and water osa)
This spell variant needs to be changed to something else's that earth, fire, and air osa can benifit from cause ain't no osa giving up the main summon for a low range, average damage spell with a delayed side effect.

ALSO, why does albindo road only have 12 mp/ap res? It should be higher since every level 200 player has atleast 350 wisdom making it almost garenteed for that player to get the full mp/ap reduction onto albino toad without them even trying to.

ALSO can we get a damm summon preview on spiritual leash??

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Osamodas class used to be my main class years ago. I just loved the way he was back in 1.29, but then, with upcoming changes my hype slowly went down. Then with his full rework, after a month or two of playing, I've decided to switch class and say goodbye to my cool summoner for a while at least.
I am not saying that rework was bad (actually it was necessary and made him much better as a class), but it just doesn't really fit my style of playing.

At the moment I don't have enough experience with the class to speak about his statistics/spells, but I want to make a point about his visuals. His forms are really disappointing. Using them is crucial part of Osa's gameplay and as Dofus is an RPG game, I'd like to keep the appearance of my character the way I've designed it. You cannot imply your look into battlefield as you are constantly in one of the forms (and imo those look rather weird than cool).

Couple comments above, CoolRay mentioned Osamodas' look in 1.29 and I AM LIVING FOR THIS. I just loved the way Osamodas used to be. I would be insanely grateful if he looked like this again. It has to come back! Pleeease!

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Osas have WAY too many options - they can heal better than an eni in dragon state while also spraying around debuffs, agility plucking osa is stupid OP and if you need me to explain that to you then you do not know your game at all, str osa with 0.8x damage taken and 50% all res still hits like a truck, only chance osa is not OP.

You give Osas way too many tools Ankama, something to get out of every situation - they need a general blanket nerf, not one or two changes. There is a reason a level 100 osa can easily kill a level 150 non-osa in kolo, and that problem only gets worse with plucking at 135.

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Agreed but only for Plucking. What Ankama could do is disabled the selected tofu's spells when plucking I cast on one. That way the tofu can't do dmg anymore or make use of the swap. And only hit with plucking. Seems like a fair trade-off.

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Not an Osamoda player, but they're everywhere in high Kolo rating. My primary suggestion is to give Plucking an arming turn, like Smell. This would allow enemies to respond to the currently unavoidable damage.

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Osa 1x1 PvP is crazy

It feels so easy beating every other class. You don't even need level 200 to be on top of the ladder.

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Give osa damage spells buffing effects rather than debuffing effects. Osas are not debuffers, but buffers.

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The accompanying graphic allows us to view the results of this first survey for the Osamodas class.

  • Dommages - Damage
  • Survie (soin, protection, et tanking) - Survival (healing, protection, and tanking)
  • Amélioration - Improvements
  • Placement - Placement
  • Entrave - Debuffer
  • Vision actuelle - Current vision
  • Vision idéale - Ideal vision

In red, you can see the ideal vision you have for each class role. The blue profile presents the current vision and feeling in the game.

Like most classes, Osamodas have two similar (but not identical) profiles – the class as it is today is broadly in line with what players expect.

It is noted, however, that you feel that the class is far too powerful compared to what it should be, except for its buffing capabilities (improvements). This is part of the information we'll take into account when balancing classes. Your comments will also help us to put the diagram into perspective by providing us with a more-concrete vision that is closer to the in-game reality.
We'd also like to remind you that in order to solve perception divergences, nerfing and upping aren't the only tools we have at our disposal.

You can see the class comparison on the main topic.
Score : 235

So nerf everything, got it haha.

I think the main problem I have with this figure is that the roles of every elemental path are widely different, so the osa as a whole CAN score very well on each role. However, this does not mean that an osa by default is very strong in every regard, while that's the way it looks in the picture above.

For example, no matter how you build your iop, it's main use will always be damage. Therefore it makes sense for iops to score well on the damage role. Likewise, eni's are well known for being healers, so it makes sense that they're on top in that category. For osa this is different. Int osas heal, cha does damage, agi is for positioning and str is for tanking. It's not immediatly clear where to put the class as a whole in the role ranking.

I do agree that some aspects of the osa could/should be changed and nerfed (which has already happened practically every update after its revamp), but I fear the devs might look at this and think a nerf of every path is in order, while this is not neccesairily the case in my opinion (altough I am biased as I am an osa main). By nerfing every role, you run the risk of turning the osa into a jack-of-all-traits, master of none, which would be a big problem since it's extremely difficult to make use of multiple roles in the same fight, let alone in the same turn.

If they want to keep the class interesting, they should take these multiple roles into account, but I have confidence that the devs will see the bigger picture and not nerf us into the ground.

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Osa, while almost overpowered has really only one problem, the lack of a spell that increases summons, which causes issues when set building. Otherwise I think osa can gain a spell that passively increases summons in exchange for trimming power away from some of their other spells

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Regarding the Osamodas class, overall you find it really interesting to play (it is viable and fun) in most modes.
We note, however, a slight difference for the fire and earth modes, which you find much less fun to play and less interesting for PvE combat.

In the forums:
The discussions on Osamodas contained many questions on the summons system and the air path, which seems to predominate with the use of the Plucking spell.
The changes and topics addressed widely by players also showed a need for an overhaul more than simple balancing for this class.

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yea why are you ignoring what we are saying about the visuals? 

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Score : 204

Buff the visuel forms 

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Score : 413

Bring back old Osa's because they were actually fun to play.

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they need to bring back everything n just stop playing around with em !!

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Score : 5038

I have been an osa for many years. A fire osa to be precise. 
I find the class very nice and I love being able to support my friends when playing in a group against monsters (I don't do pvp).
I find fire osa not so powerful in solo fights (but that could also be me... I have never been good with solo fights!). 
I hope the new changes will not make osa too weak. I'm looking forward to trying the new version in beta! 

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I would like a way to transform but keep my summons AI. The added time and energy to control every summon is unnecessary for a lot of pvm content

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Sometimes I'd love that too!

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I've played osa since the day i started playing dofus and i enjoyed the way osa use to be.
 Having alot more variation of summons Like the crackler, boar, bworker. It would be great if The class could me more focused on the summons then having core spells that just do hard damage. Like iop are meant to deal alot of damage, eni are meant to be rotated around healing. Osa is a summoner. If we can have more variants of summons then what we currently have. We use to have spells that buffed the summons and allies but it was balanced. The summons benefit more from the buffs then actual players. I find that this type of play style was more fun then the current version of osa we have now. I enjoy the fact that we can control our summons but dislike that we only have 2 -3 type of summons for each version of osa. Like for example  Transforming by merging with a tofu , there stats get increased by 50% of our agility and air damage. Thats fine, but why not use some of the monsters in the game as summons also. Like for example give us acces to more types of dragons that are useful or make it that we can summon  our version of mastogob that does water damage and attacks from range. Bringing back spells that we can buff the summons also other then just having energy shot only. The buffs dont have to be OP but just for example like eni have 1 spell that gives 2ap to all there allies. Why not have a spell that gives like 40 damage to all allies and 80 to summons. (doesnt have to be these exact numbers) 

To sum it all up, more variation of summons(like squarls, dragons, koala etc..), focus more around the summons, and be more of a support class with buffs for the summons. and keep the way we control them.

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hope that wont make that classe useless n nobody play it ever again lol !

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