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Class Improvement - Osamodas

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:57:51
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I've played Dofus since 2006, and the "new Osa" is the most heartbreaking, frustrating change I've ever experienced with the game. I don't even want to log in anymore. It just makes me really sad -- I came back to the game recently after a few years away, and I was having so much fun with my little summoner.

I've played most of the Dofus classes over the years, and Osa was by far my favorite. And I never thought I'd love any class more than Eni! I loved the focus on summoning and support. I hardly ever use any transformation other than dragon (for heals), and I hate controlling my summons (let chaos reign!). I mean, seriously, the idea of summoners controlling every move of their summons is just preposterous. So yeah, this update was pretty much my worst Dofus nightmare.

I had talked one of my friends into subscribing and playing with me; he'd never played the game before. He quickly got hooked and we had a blast (and died a lot, lol). I really miss playing, but I just get depressed whenever I try to play this "rebalanced" Osa.

I found the below comment elsewhere on the forums and think that it sums up the "rebalance" perfectly.

Disappointing to see you ruin the feel of playing a pve summoner class because you couldn't balance Osas in pvp.
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Completely agree with this, and am a similar circumstance (left & came back). This osa was my prized, scrolled alt who I was hoping would evolve into my main at 200. The 'new osa' has led me to completely abandoning him until severe class changes are made. It feels like are no similarities to what made the old osa good,  and the new summoning structure feels like complete rubbish. 

Love the progressive changes Ankama has made to the game, just absolutely hate what the osa class has turned into (at this stage).

Edit: After spending time working out the mechanics I feel its right to say the feel wasn't as bad as I first thought. It is a challenge timing summons but not a show stopper.
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this rebalanced osa is just downright outrageous, i been a fire osa since the beginning of times, changed to earth later before the whole element paths where introduced, where my whip could hit 900 earth dmg in 4 times, welcomed the earth branch with the minor tank n gobball hitters

this update changed it all: this earth branch is the worst, the gobbals doesn't hit anyone in this stage, they don't even seem that impressive... the 3th gobball for example (chesnut) only gives shield points, and not even so much...BUT DOESNT ATTACK AT ALL, where is the scary sheep style when you need it!!!
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Hey guys, 

İ really think Osa is not over powered anymore compare to other classes such as Sacri or Xel. Our transformation state doesn't do much (Tofu state only +1 PM/ Bouf only 90% less dommage...), put i still love this class and İ think there's much strategie to do with the summons, however my biggest problem is that the time we have on the summons is too short. You really don't have time to do what you want İ allways miss my turn because of that. 

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I wasn't sure about the new osamodas to start with but it's really grown on me since coming back not sure if i want to stay int though tongue might change to cha for the DPT.
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New update, new Osa nerf... While other classes sell dungeon passage cause they can solo it...
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Osamodas are still very strong. I think it is healthier to look at pvp skills when comparing characters with each other. Otherwise you have to believe that the cra or sacriers are the strongest classes in the game.
 Both for 1v1 and 3v3 osamodas are very strong.
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i have the same feeling as almost everyone here, i used to LOVE osamodas in 1.29 it was by far my favorite class, i only played dofus at that time and now im back in 2022 and im loving so much the changes dofus has gone through but i hate sooo much the osa rework im not even playing it and i think about all the time that i would love to play osa but its just not fun or cool anymore. I dont understand why ankama chose to ignore literally every comment about the visuals but this a BIG THING you guys should talk to us about. really dissapointed but seeing that osa are getting visual changes in wakfu makes me a little less sad and i hope i like playing them in wakfu. You guys need to do something.
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Hey, does chestnut gobbal still have the ability to shield the caster and allies? 

I've just returned and trying to get my head around if a strength build is viable at all now.

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Not anymore, basically a useless gobball.
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