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First, Second & Third Question

By MudBiker - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 05, 2019, 15:14:54

[left]I'm a little confused about these spells. I thought they existed so you could summon up to 3 creatures but I learned that was not the case when I unlocked the 'second' spell today from this error: "You cannot summon more than 1 creature(s) simultaneously" (I even had +1 summon just in case).

Since I don't understand how these work, could someone be kind enough the explain the difference/purpose between these 3 spells?[/left]

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Maybe the problem is the equipment that you have does not allow you to invoke two invocations.

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Just don't play Osa. Thats how to deal with it. The class spells are unnecessarily convoluted rubbish.

The devs absolutely murdered this class.

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Osamodas spells need way better explanation.
But to answer your question, you can summon only one of each summon at a time. For example, you can use First to summon a red wyrmling and Second to summons a black wyrmling, but you cant summon two red wyrmlings or two black wyrmlings.

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