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QOL changes for new Osa

By T1gerator - SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2020, 09:20:45

the osa rework has been incredibly good for me, and im enjoying this class more than i ever have in the last 12 or so years of playing it. it feels really thoroughly thought out and planned, and i would be happy for it to remain like this for years to come.

that said, there are some quality of life tweaks that i believe should be made to bring the class up to perfection (without necessarily improving its power).

1. reassess the variants

there are many spells at the moment which just are not as good as their variant counterparts. int osa suffers the least from this, but it still suffers. here are my examples

  • geyser / aquaculture

geyser is a flexible 3ap spell which grants a charge and some power or some damage. it has 6 range. simple and effective.

aquaculture is a 5ap spell with 3 range which chains across melee targets, using toads as links in the chain.

aquaculture struggles to find an identity since chance osa already has whirlwind and batra, two spells which do the same thing but more flexible and have better ap costs and range, and arent competing with geyser, the class's only power buff.

furthermore, whip cannot be used to set up aquaculture, because toads only attract diagonally, so you cant have the toad suck enemies in with whip to aquaculture them.
  • fossil / sedimentation

you'll notice a theme.

fossil is a flexible 3ap spell with a buff. sedimentation is an inflexible 4ap spell with a debuff.
  • canine / repulsive fang

canine is a flexible 3ap spell with a buff. repulsive fang is a 4ap 1-2 range spell which pushes the target, pulls the caster in, and rewards 1mp.

canine just gives the caster and the ally 1mp. it is also one of precious few range modifiable spells, making it one of the most reliable attacks in the osa's kit, entirely.
  • flaming crow / cross scale

flaming crow is a 2ap non-los spell where the range and damage gets higher every time it is cast during the turn. cross scale is a diagonal-only diagonal-aoe spell for 4ap which gives one charge, or two if you hit 3 enemies.

you know what gives me 2 charges for 4ap with no strings attached? flaming crow x2.
  • woolly sledgehammer / gobball fleece

woolly sledgehammer is a 2ap spell which, cast again, hits harder and gives 1mp to the target while removing 1mp from the caster. honestly the only downside to this spell is thst it hurts allies.

gobball fleece is a 5ap 1sq aoe which hurts enemies and shields allies based on the number of enemies you hit but only if there are more enemies than allies in the aoe, a stipulation which doesnt need to exist. not only is this spell shorter range than a 1-3 range spell, it has too many conditions preventing it from being good.
  • aquatic wave / scalding poison

aquatic wave is a 4ap spell which vulns the target to damage from summons. perfect! i cast this even when im not chance.

scalding poison is a 2ap poison spell which has a 1 turn duration, and a condition that allows you to pop it early, but then the poison is consumed.

it feels like there was a version of scalding poison at some point that did compete with aquatic wave at some point and then it got nerfed before it ever got out. a shame, really.
  • duster / plucking

duster is great. plucking doesnt do enough damage to justify casting. also, 1/turn on plucking is just not enough.


1. moving some variants around:

make aquaculture the variant of batra. make whirlwind the variant of geyser.

make woolly sledgehammer no longer damage allies. make it the variant of fossil. make sedimentation the variant of gobball fleece

make cross scale the variant of dragonic, and sparkmeleon the variant of flaming crow

make plucking a normal attack, and make it the variant of canine after that.

2. crop and whip

crop and whip are both interesting spells which... unfortunately, neither of them are very good. they are both utility positioning / mobility spells, but both of them are quite weak and inconsistent.

my ultimate suggestion for these is to just combine them into one spell which does things based on what you are targeting (summon or not summon) and introduce a new spell. perhaps an attack spell which spends your charges to deal damage in that element, and does more damage the more charges you spend. then you just choose between one really good positioning and mobility spell, or an extra attack.

3. high energy shot

really the only problem with this spell is that i find myself using call to order on my melanic summons, resummoning them, and then HESing them again. it would be nice if i could just shot them again without resummoning.

4. beastly balance

it is still terrible. i dont have anything more helpful than this, i apologise. beastly balance feels like the kind of spell which exists to help low level osas, but its variant, puncture, is just simpler and better and we all switch to puncture literally as soon as we get it. it would be nice to see beastly balance get a boost.


i like the new osa a lot, but the variant placement gets in the way and theres a handful of spells which just dont really exist or see play.

this isnt just my experience. i see lots of osas in kolo and i have two osas. one on echo, who was 200 when this rework happened and is str/int/cha, and one on ilyzaelle who was 6x when this rework happened who i leveled to 199 by testing out all the different builds on the way up.

ive put a lot of thought into my suggestions, so i'd like some thoughtful responses, instead of "new osa is bad please revert".

thank you for reading. ❤
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i enjoy the new osa as well

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great feedback and i agree 100% just wish Ankama gave a listen to the players : (

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I check this website every month or so in hopes that the Osa is completely revamped again. This last change is the reason I have abandoned Dofus. It the absolute worst place the osa has ever been in (its even worse than back when our summons were useless in high level dungeons and in parties we would be chastised if we did anything besides buff the damage dealer). Never has any character felt so convoluted as the Osa currently is.

Ankama has a history of ignoring their players and the current state of the osa is the culmination of that.

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