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Osamodas rebalancing february 2020 (very angry critisism!!)

By herofelix - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 11, 2020, 19:23:57
hello folks, and ofcourse hello amakna, lets not waste any words and roll down the changes made for february

Hello, everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about the Osamodas balancing that's on its way very soon.

Let's start with a bit of context…

First of all, we're pretty satisfied with the changes made in December. We successfully curbed a few negative strategies (repositioning lots of Summons in the same turn, "boost mule" Osamodas using Animal Blessing, excessive use of lock) while also enhancing the impact of transformation, which has been important part of Osamodasgameplay for a few years now.

Ultimately, though, it turned out that these changes weren't enough to reduce the difference in power between Osamodas and most other classes. Fortunately, we learned a lot from the impact of these changes, and now that we're clearer on what needs adjusting, the upcoming update will be much more effective.

So here are the changes you can expect to see in the near future (with a probability of 95%):


Oh really? pretty satisfied indeed, changes were made July privious year and it killed the feel of PVM and PVP all the same and it still needs REDUCING?? have you ever looked at some of the english comments? or some of the french comments at that time? they DONT UNDERSTAND YOU, heck...some of these (b)workers on ankama have seriously no-brained on some of these changes, holy COD...

ANKAMA:We set the following goals for this round of balancing:
  • No negative impact on Summons survival in PvM.
  • Reduce the Earth path's ability to close gaps with enemies.
  • Slightly reduce the safety of the Fire path.
  • Reduce the power of the Chestnut Gobball while maintaining its role as the dominant Summons for the Earth path.

Reduce the power of the Chestnut Gobball while maint..~ WAIT WHAT???
Reduce the power of the chestnut gobball, while it doesn't attack at all.....A SOLID MINDSCREW!!!

  • We are not lowering the base damage caused by spells.
  • We are not lowering the base damage caused by Summons spells.
  • We are not lowering Summons' health.
  • We are not lowering Summons' resistance.

We think that the strength of the Osamodas class currently lies in the combinations of its mechanics and in its high number of actions per turn, and not in its brute force. Also, Summons resistance is an essential factor in PvM play.


okay....o_o but i liked brute gobball force to begin with ;-;

We are adding limits on what players can do by over-optimizing Transformation, in order to recenter Osamodas gameplay on the class's full range of spells. This modification should not have a significant impact in most situations.

Old system:
  • Transformation bonuses stack indefinitely.
  • The duration of bonuses for one's own transformation cannot be reduced.
  • An Osamodas can give bonuses to another Osamodas.

New system:
  • Transformation bonuses stack twice in each element, for a theoretical total of:
    • 2 MP
    • 19% damage reduction (90% x 90%)
    • 8% of HP healed at start of turn (16% when below 30% of total HP)
    • 20% extra damage
  • The duration of bonuses for one's own transformation cannot be reduced. (unchanged)
  • An Osamodas cannot give bonuses to another Osamodas player.

the only thing complaining here is not being able to give bonuses to other players, not even when its reduced on players by old osa
  • The new version of Spiritual Leash no longer allows an Osamodas to have a negative impact on their allies, but the lack of penalty has made the spell too easy to play in both PvP and PvM.
  • To allow for more dynamic use of this spell and encourage fast, precise use, we are revising how the spell works while increasing its frequency of use:
  • Change:
    • The revived player dies at the end of their second turn.
    • AP cost: 3 ⇒ 5
    • Recast interval: 7 ⇒ 5
  • In both PvP and PvM, this new version will force the team reviving an ally to plan carefully to maximize the spell's usefulness.
  • In PvP, it will also offer more opportunities to react to the opposing team.
  • In any case, it is still possible to revive an ally to perform an important action like a Wrath, a sacrifice or a Regeneration. This is the aspect of Spiritual Leash that we find most important to preserve.
  • Targeting one of your Summons to give AP to another one currently gives Osamodas too much flexibility and power in their attacks.
  • This modification will reduce that power without banning its use.
  • Change:
    • If the target is another summons, the recast interval is increased from 2 to 4 turns.
  • There is no reason for Plucking to work differently than other similar spells. Setting up a network on a single cell makes things a bit too easy.
  • Change:
    • The mark cannot overlap with itself or even with a trap.
  • Combined with Relay, Favouritism and/or High-Energy Shot, Aquatic Wave offers too much power in combos.
  • This change should still allow Osamodas to obtain a non-trivial increase in power, while still breaking up these overpowered synergies (since favorite spells are often the last ones to be played).
  • Change:
    • The damage increase goes down as the number of attacks increases: 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%.
  • Gaining an additional charge with Aquaculture lowers the cost of a charge to 2.5 AP and should make the spell a more attractive option in certain situations.
  • Change:
    • Gives 2 summoning charges.

no commentary...
  • Repositioning Summons means that players can avoid ever being really separated from their Summons, because we imagine the new Osamodas as a class of summoners that fight alongside their Summons.
  • Currently, though, this mechanic is much more commonly used to send Summons far away (edit: in an offensive role) than to call the flock back into the fold.
  • We don't see this change as abusive because Osamodas already have a number of tools for moving and/or for repositioning their Summons, with Gambol, Takeoff, Canine, Whip, Crop, Dragon's Breath, Woolly Sledgehammer, the Melanic Gobball, the Verdant Toad and the Golden Tofu.
  • Change:
    • Repositioned Summons lose 100 MP for 1 turn (like Eniripsas' Coneys).
  • Grazing
    • This new version of the spell should increase the Chestnut Gobball's ability to provoke enemies, while also reducing its frequency of use in other elemental paths that don't rely as much on close combat.
    • The initial recast interval of 1 turn will give opponents who manage to kill the Chestnut Gobball a one-turn break.
    • New feature:
      • Gives a shield to allies around the caster and the targeted enemy (requires a target).
      • The fewer allies the caster has to protect, the stronger the shield's effect is. Does not affect the caster.
      • Shield (level 200, 1 ally): 665
      • Shield (level 200, 2 allies): 360 (720 max stacked)
      • Shield (level 200, 3 allies): 255 (765 max stacked)
      • Shield (level 200, 4 allies or more): 200 (800+ max stacked)
    • Initial recast interval: 1 turn
    • Area of effect: one cell around the Gobball and/or the enemy, including diagonals.
    • Casts per turn: 1
  • Diagofire
    • The range of the Diagofire spell is a bit too kind to the Fire path, because the diagonal distances cover twice as much territory.
    • Maximum range: 7 ⇒ 4
  • These two changes should expose the Albino Wyrmling and its summoner to a bit more danger.
  • Dragon Conflagration:
    • Maximum range: 5 ⇒ 4
  • Incandescent Dragofire:
    • The healing no longer affects the caster.

ME: doesn't heal the caster....doesn't attack but range attack anymore...

see that folks? actually more reducing....i can't, this is just think years later i've spend atleast 1000 euro's on this game just to get ''reduced'' i loved this class before summer privious year, if you can't make a class as good as PVM to PVP or vice versa, why not have chosen to do nothing instead of ruining the feel? share the details and ask us (the playerbase) if it was a good plan instead on NO-BRAINING on all of its antics, im gone because of all this and i dislike it even more now....

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Score : 331

I agree this class is not more playable. They just destroyed good balanced class.

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Score : 30

The Osa class is my favorite class and you are ruining it. Please leave it alone.  angry

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Score : 195

Just came back since November, I think?
The summons' damage is absolutelly trash now. I can't even finish Gobball Dungeon solo as a Fire/Earth Vit Osamodas (Level 62). Summons at level 60 hitting 30~40? Don't they carry my stats anymore?

Its literally unplayable, and this time its not just a meme.

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Score : 669

I played Osa as my main character since I first started Dofus. I've played many characters but always considered...even back when they were one of the weakest, and no one wanted them in public groups.

The last re balancing, changing all the spells absolutely ruined the feel of this class, and single handindly killed my urge to play Dofus. I check back every few months in hopes of some changes, but nothing.

The developers did an absolutely pathetic job with this class. There is nothing less interestingthan seeing the Osa as is. "summon 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and noformo's". They ******* Osa's. Plain and simple.

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Score : 56

I think what's worse is that they completely killed the feel and flow of the class itself. The fantasy of being this summoner who utilizes beasts to overpower the enemy or aid your allies is hindered by the convoluted and messy "charge" and 1/2/3 gimmicks they added (on top of nerf after nerf, ofc).

I'd personally love to see an implementation closer to what it was initially (and still is I believe) in Wakfu, that's how you make an interesting summoner class (although they should keep for themselves the mob's neutering in case they ever go the same road).

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Score : 41

You ruined this class for me. Thank you ankama. And I only just got back into dofus. Finally doing pvp and enjoying the losses as much as the wins for the gameplay not the victory. 

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