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Osa Build

By SukuSukui January 18, 2010, 12:54:12


I just want a highly successful int Osa build. I've looked at the one on the Dofus wiki but i don't know much about it. Am going to scroll all my stats to 101. Yeah well thats it can you just tell me if i should follow this build or not? If not can you tell me why? What could i do?

Thank You! biggrin

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Ignore the scrolling bit haha i can't afford it >.>

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well as far as i know there's only 3 or 4 builds for an osa: intelligence, chance, vit, vit/int hybrid. I've never actually used a chance Osa before but my guess would be they rely on summons more than intelligence since they only get 1 attack spell (lashing claw), intelligence builds usually use ghostly claw, punch of the crackler, and crow, but i haven't found any correlation between summon's strength and your characteristics. As far as chance osas go the only other attack you could have is a water maged weapon, preferably a hammer...a great big hammer.

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