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The General Osa Guide from 1-100 [updated 2013 11 April]

By Katume August 18, 2010, 08:49:07

Hello all

This is my guide to everything Osamodas

(recently edited the spell section because of the new changes. Will then work on the equipment and vs class section when I have time, yet i believe there has been a lot of changes with other class so will require re-examining).

I might get into detail about how to combat each opposing classes as well as more detail into items, but right now i'll leave it as it is!

I have not said what points to spend on spells, but only gave recommendations. This is mainly looking at an osa guide from 1-100, though also looks as investments with characteristic points further down the road. I've also given a brief outline on leveling and a small overview on equipment.

Everyone has their own game style and strategy. Some people purely play the game for battling monsters (pvm) while others like the satisfaction of beating other human players (pvp). I'm not going to tell you to do everything my way, I'll only express and explore (with detailed explanations of course ) on ways to represent Osa's full potential. Feedback and comments are much appreciated.

1) Introduction:
2)Discussion on each spell:
3)How to spend your characteristic points
4) Equipment to buy for your Osa + places to train
5) vsing each class (needs to be updated)

I believe there are two distinct ways an Osa can play. One is support ( helping fellow players ) the other is powerful mid defence. ( independent style but still slightly supportive )

With a support style, you'll rely more on other players to charge in, and may have difficulty in 1v1, but be accepted and favored in team battles where group xp can be awesome and it's always enjoyable to have a co-op battle where many factors come in.

With a defense style, you can be more self reliant and fight groups on your own, and probably be able to pvp more due to the fact most pvp is 1v1.

Note: Some people like doing everything in between, but trying to balance both supportive and offensive can split your potential ability. To explain this more, if you level a crow to lvl 3 to so you can balance animal healing to lvl 3, your not going to be as strong as a lvl 5 ghostly claw player or as supportive as a just lvl 5 animal healing player. (This is the rule of Specialisation. )

(Note: EVERY role of an osa will rely on summons it's NOT possible to be an effective Osa without one. )

Spells to consider for the General Intell Osa:
I have re-done the spell guide because there has been drastic changes to spells recently.

1) Summoning of Tofu: This will be your only attack-summon spellup to lvl 9. the summon has a lot of movement points so you can summon+ runaway rather effectively. Tofu is great against air damaging enemies as itsteals their air points, and so gets stronger after each attack. Also another tactic is to use tofu as a sacrificeto enemy traps:

2) Ghostly Claw: this will be your main attack spell up tolvl 54. However don't feel too pressured to put spell points into it, as itonly gets slightly stronger per level, while it's AP cost (4) and range (6) stay the same.

3) Natural defense: a vitality adding % wise spell, this workswell as a combo with every spell except tofu and Prespic, as the more hp thesummon you use it on has the more health it will receive. As you get the Cracklersummon it will literally double its health points. It also adds a fair amountto allies as well.

4) Animal Blessing: A spell that increases the amount ofsummons you have. I would not recommend putting any spell points into this asthe only thing that slowly changes per level is it's cool down rate. It worksfine at lvl 1 as it is.

5) Feline Movement: Another spell that does not change toodrastically per level and can be effective at level 1. However Think about itleast leveling it to lvl 4, as this means you can cast it again as soon as itwears off.

6) Summon Goball: I really recommend this spell. Until youget to lvl 9 you can put all your spell points somewhere else and then justreset them at the Incarn Inn - and put it all into Goball. This summon has alot of hp, does a good chunk of damage and distracts enemies from reachingyou/line of site. A good combo with Goball with 6 ap goes like this: Turn 1: SummonGoball, feline movement turn 2: natural defence + bear cry:

Tactics: Goball, once it attacks stops the enemy fromteleporting for that turn - unless it is killed. So even when you are at ahigher level, good to use on any enemy that is about to teleport.

- also when you are able to use it at lvl 6 considerinvesting the spell points. Because a lvl 6 Goball has around the same healthas Crackler.

Toad: This reduces damage that is received by whoever youcast it on. IMPORTANT: it reduces a lot more than what the description says:because each lvl you have increased by since you started the game increases thereduction power slightly. This spell works great for enemies who do a lot ofsmall attacks that do a bit of damage. Since it only lasts for 2 turns don'talways use it straight away on the summon because it might run out just as thesummon approaches the enemy.

Summoning of Prespic: This summon casts a spell that canreduce the targets AP by up to 2 AP - however how successful it is depends howmuch wisdom the enemy has. Not worth levelling so much unless you are justdoing PVP as it can't do actual damage and monsters tend to have good apresistance. Also it takes a max of 2 ap at all levels - however it's wisdomdoes increase per one, so it’s chances of taking that 2 ap increases. Since itdoes not have much health, toad would be the best use on this summon.

Tactics: Summon crackler, summon Prespic, give high energyshot to Crackler. This means the opponent could suffer up to 4 ap loss. Greatcombo if your weapon does -ap damage (such as toy hammer) next turn.

Whip: This spell has recently changed a lot. Not effectiveagainst enemy summons anymore. However will always kill allied summons. Doessmall amounts of earth damage. Would not put spell points into it.

Tactics: Summon boar, wait till next turn and whip boar awayso boar does not push enemy towards you.

Use it to find scram when they are invisible and you're notsure where they are.

As vitality osa, use it with +damage equipment

High Energy shot: This spell pretty much makes any summonyou cast it on be able to attack twice. Until lvl 6 nothing changes per spellpoint lvl…except the range you can use it. As at lvl 1 you can only cast it onthings that are right in front of you. I think it would be more effective tojust have gear that boosts your range than spending points on it.


i) use in combo with bear cry

Crow: A spell that is not essential but worth considering tolvl. Since the patch its damage is more consistent and a bit more higher. (eventhough it's still not much). Also has high range and you can use it even whenyour summons are blocking the way. Great to use on enemy monsters you don’t wantyour summons to waste their attention on. Also good with +damage equipment.


i) Use to find invisible scram:

ii) Defuse Rouge's bomb

Tactics: Always try use in combo with summons you have used bearcry or fangs of boowolf on as it will double the damage those spellscontribute.

Animal Healing: If you are an intel Osa, really really worthlvling this one. Because each lvl has a real difference in healing ability.Also this works very well on allies.

Summoning of Boar: This summon only costs 3 ap, and has alarge amount of hp similar to Goball. The only real bonus in lvling this guy isthat each lvl increases the amount he can pushback enemies by 1 - (at lvl 1 itpushes them back 2 squares). However spells like release tend to be more usefulfor this spells task:

Warning: enemies could be clever and get this summon to hitthem closer to you


i)Get rid of scrams double

ii)Summon, get him to hit in a direction you can predict,then whip him away before he becomes counter intuitive

iii)Get enemy into a corner, summon boar if you have him atlvl 5, and does very large amount of damage against an obstacle/wall

iv) use against classes like rouge, and push them back intotheir own bombs.

Crackler Punch: Max this spell as soon as you can. Does hugeamounts of damage in in an area up to 3 tiles away. Can be tricky to use incombo with summons. With the new recent patch coming out, using your weapon,then this spell is a good combo. (you can only use this spell once per turn upto lvl 5). Now the damage has been made a lot more consistent since theprevious patch.

Tactics: i) Use weapon, then follow up with Crackler punch.

ii) When summoning, try summon a way that gets them toattack the side of the enemy, so your Crackler punch is still usable withouthurting allies.

iii) use to find scram

Bear Cry: Since the previous update, bear cry has adds atonne of +damage to summons. HOWEVER only lasts a few turns. Would reallyrecommend getting to lvl 5 as each spell lvl adds a noticeable difference. Mosteffective when used in combo with high energy shot.

Summon Bwork Magus: Might want to seriously consider lvlinguntil you get crackler or Whyrmling. It has a reasonable amount of health, canpush back enemy 1 square and do damage with one attack, while simultaneously doinga lightening strike that does damage around the 30's in a small area. Thissummon generally uses those two attacks as a combo, so bear cry works wonderson it. However it can be random at times and run away from the enemies.

Fangs of Boowolf: This spell is the perfect compliment to the Wyrmling.It increases the %damage of the target you use it on. And since the Wyrmlingdoes one strong attack, once per target it's best use on him. However not amust-must need.

Crackler: Lvl him. Has High hp, does decent damage around the 70's once you get him. Each time he attacks he can potentially drain an AP away from enemy, and also increases your resistance to everything by 5%.
i) use High energy shot to increase potential AP drain, and resistance to 10%

Summoning of Wyrmling: Great summon. Only uses its attack once per target, which does around 160 damage, casted to a maximum of 2 different targets Possibly 3 with High energy shot but dont use it on him, as he has a small amount of movement points and can't get around very easily. Also, it casts a spell, (WHEN CLOSE) which reduces any buffs the enemy has by 4 turns. Also, each time he attacks he adds around 10 damage to all allies.

i) keep in mind it's resistance to certain elements. Very hard for fire using enemies to kill it, but very easy for water enemies.
ii) Don't always summon him straight away, summon him when you are close so you can be sure he will take away the buffs of the enemy.
iii) Fangs of boowolf work great on him.

When choosing Characteristic points

Keep the following in mind when investing characteristic points into elements:
1) It is generally considered a lot more effective to invest your points into intell up to when you have 200 natural (base) intell.

Why this is the case:

Lets say we have two osa's fighting each other.
Osa A has invested his points into hp, and therefore has 2300 hp and could deliver 200 power(damage) and Osa B has only 2000 hp, but since her points are in intell, she could deliver 300 power (damage).

Lets say they could only could attack once per turn.
Osa B could finish off Osa A in only 7 turns, where as Osa A would take 11 turns.
Therefore in the long run, Osa B is better off?
You decide.


What to train on/ equipment.

(Note )
Many players spend a good deal of time trying to save up for sets and equipment at lower levels like a goball set or adventure set. as from level 1-30 I believe it's actually a waste of time, and possible to reach 30-40 in under a week. This is due to an osa's ability to completely to rely on the power of a lvl 10 goball that seems to be able to defeat other classes of the same levels by it 'self. (to the nightmare of osa's at 60-89)

lvl 10-25
Items you may want to look at:

As soon as you get the gobbal, max it to 10 ASAP. Presuming your in incarm, go train on the chafer Skeleton dudes at the bottom of the map. shouldn't take long to advance.

Bow Meow[/dofusitem]Prespic RingPrespic BeltPrespwigPrespic Cloak Slugly Boots
(I recommend simply getting prespic equipment for the wis, reflect and dmge. the reflect is very useful considering your vsing lower monsters around that level.

Cape Huccino[/dofusitem]
Get your ass out of incarm and head towards the cracklocks. (the small stone dudes) They are located North east of astrub at the mines, around 9, -25.

( if busy)
Try boars and 'garden groups' north of the cracklocks.

(if not satisfying enough)
go P2p and go to the cradle. it's the big, ahh, well, cradle looking thing on yor map, keep going north from the fields and you'll walk into it. (literally )

lvl 40-60.

Prespic is still all good.
Cherry Amublop[/dofusitem]Cherry Blop RingCherry Blop BeltCherry BlooptsRoyal Gobball Headgear
Fire KwakbladeFire AmukwakFire KwakringFire KwakeltFire KwakobootsFire Kwak HeaddressFire Kwape
Dazzling Cloak
Modified Dragolyre[/dofusitem]Dragolyre
Apprentice Summoner Boots
Kam Assutra Amulet
Hooded Cloak
Jules Yanos's Cloak
Luthuthu Belt

Though if you want to try Pvp or a stronger set, I recommend getting a red scar leaf set, set and combined with a cherry blob one (but with - one part of the red scar leaf) Also lookint a Fire bwak set as that is another decent option as well. Also, if you have the money, get a pet.

having a cherry blop set will give you phenomenal health and intelligence as well as resist, except with a -50% against chance/water attacks.

Train on single Fungi Masters with lower garden monsters in the group. If confident, try two. They have the ability to summon(whip it) other garden dudes as well as a push back spell. instead of running away from the fungi master, just try keep in the open and keep your distance from the wall, as they can do 60+ dmge if your trapped against things. They are located below bonta

lvl 60-100

Items to look at:
Chief Crocodyl Amulet
Royal Cherry Amublop[/dofusitem]Royal Cherry Blop RingRoyal Cherry Blop BeltRoyal Cherry Bloopts
(from 60 to 89 )I wouldn't recommend Pvp as I believe this gap represents one of the most crappy times being an Osa. get through this ASAP to prevent de-motivation.
[dofusitem=7252]Feudala AmuletFeudala Wedding RingFeudala BeltFeudala GetaFeudala ShieldFeudala HatFeudala CloakFeudala Sabre[dofusitem=2369]Powerful Dazzling Belt
Animal Boots Smoothitch o'Bal
Horn Cape

The item from here mainly depends on your preference. But now you can ride a mount. The more common ones for Osa's are Orchid, less expensive and give 80+ Intel and 50+ health if the dragon turkey is at its maximum level. I personally believe it is unnecessary to upgrade your cherry set to a 'royal cherry set as they are very similar, a lot more expensive and although the royal version doesn't have the -50% chance, it doesn't have the resist boost in all the other elements (except Intel). I recommend getting a Gelano as they give 1+ap, raise your total ap to 8 now, letting you cast two ghostly claws. Some people recommend getting a God rod, for 1+ap but i personally prefer the excellent staff of kings which gives high Intel +vitality. Many options for cloak and hat now. (royal gobball for 1-70+intel or/dazzling cloak for +ap and around +20/30 wis.

There are a variety of options to choose from. Though I recommend getting xp from Kani's with a group. Try the recruitment chat asking to join a Kani hunt. this can be an amazing source of xp. Find groups of Mostly just Kani's around +20-20(?) of your level for maximum xp.

specific intel equipment to have a look at:
Graytess Cape
Himune hat
geleno ring + summon?
Limbo ring + 1ap, 1mp, 1 range and +45 intel

Maybe start looking to join a guild if you haven't already. It just means there are more offers to go on various dungeon/xp hunts.

_ possibly to be continued, feedback welcome

Part 2.

Reccomending more equipment.

Ideal Weapons for all osa's

Also key healing weapons
Golden Scarabugly Wand 11-30 heals (lvl 59)
Boogey Wand (helas 1-100 healing ) + 130 vitality +35 wisdom + 35 int

Toh'Lo Hammer ( option at lvl 35. good fire dmg, 1+ summon but watch out for the -wisdom. )
Ragnarok(lvl 66 )( basically you'll have to look for a fire maged one. It will do damage like the toh lo but will give you * +1 Summon, 36-45 intel 36-4 wis 10-20 vitality )
God Rod (lvl 60) This gives a +1ap and +40 vitality and +35 wisdom. a
Excellence staff (lvl 60 )( not for close combat but will give you around 70 intel and 45 vitality, so more for your spell damage.)

(higher levels.)
Limbo Wand.lvl 105(this neat little weapon will give you 1+ ap 1+mp 1+range. +20 wis +40 intel. ideal all-round for more defensive gameplay.)
Ougaammer lvl 180( Many consider the best hammer in the game. only 4 ap and one handed. Also has awesome stat bonuses of around 300-400 vitality 40+ wis 10+dmg + 40% and around 10 prospecting. I reccomend this highly to all osa's as since it's neutral it can be of either elements.

Equipment for medium level vitality/intel Osa's.

Kitsou Set (+300-440 vitality +1ap and some various resist
Wabbit Setlvl 60 (vitality +282~310, around 18-20+dmg, 1/2+mp, +2 summons +1 range

and specific items..
Ring of Satisfaction ( 1ap but a high negitive penalty on all your element stats (but not vitality so good option for vitality osas)
Royal gobbal hat (+70 intel )
Koolich Bag (around +140 vitality boost)
Crocoburio's Spirit boots(+45intel boost )
geleno (1+ap )

Vsing other classes(pvp)
(this needs to be updated).

As there are 12 classes to go through as well as in some cases many builds within each different class, i'll focus on facing the main element(s) of that class. But this will be more about tips and advice than 'what-to-do-step-one.'

Against Sacrier.
Players of this class will believe you to be an easy target. You may notice they have intense Hp. This is because each 1 point in vitality gives them 2 extra health. so every 20 levels they are getting 200 health. Also since they are health based, they can do mostly any element they wish. SO it is rather important to be able to tell which element they are going to use. Most of the time the first thing they will do is activate a 'punishment.' This means that when they are attacked, the damage you do to them will increase the stat of the punishment they chose. Bold punishment will increase their water damage, forced punishment their strength nimble punishment there air, or spirtual punishment there fire damage. So pay attention! Vs you however i think their prime choice would be agility. This way they can avoid being locked(stuck) against your summons as well as an attack called assualt that they can attack with 3 squares away. But only three squares. The next thing you will notice vs them is they can bring you straight to them if your standing at a distance but on the same pathline. (so they cant use it diagonly only straight. Like the ROok peice in chess. ) SO what you can do is just make sure you run diagonly from them or around corners to stop them draging you. But beware as they can swap spaces with your summons! So you must make sure you are far away from them. So summon, feline movement it, then run away. DO NOT run away, then summon. But if your a vitality osa and have the 10/11 ap, you could actually summon, feline boost, then use the spell release. This will give a much better distance. When the sacrier reaches halfway down health, they will be able to use a spell that will do significant damage (30% of their total health in damage but it decreases the more above or below the halfway point.) So during this time do not be close. They can only use this spell at a range of one so try your best to keep away!

Against Xelor. They will mostly be agility, or intel ( and only chance if above 90). The higher their wisdom the more chance of taking your ap away so make sure you have alright wisdom which will increase your own resist. ALthough going first is always important, against these guys it is more than important, it is very important. They have a spell called slow down that can take from 1-2 of your ap away (3 over 100). So if done right, they could take away just enough ap for you to summon on your turn while buffing themselves making a situation in which it will be very hard to come back from and you will probably lose. SO i reccomend once you have summoned, line yourself up behind the summon to prevent this. Or if you can, get your gobbal straight into his face in which the gobball will actually prevent the xelor from teleporting. (but this will only really work for intel xelors as agility will just move on.) I would not reccomend bothering with using a prespic since it'll be very hard taking away their ap. Like you, they will also be able to fight from a distance (except if they are chance in which case just keep over 4 squares away from them and they cant hurt you with their main spell and strength, keep over 5 squares.) Also remember to keep the fighting around the mid part of the map, if you can. This just means if they use their class spell your summons will be in a good spot. So just follow up behind your summons and always move out of the xelors line of site.

Against Iop. Keep away, run diagonally and use your summons as manuvour points. Dont trickle them in - They can 'Jump' close with a range around 5 but this will always costs them 5 ap.

Against Cras. I'll need to go into some detail on that so i'll come back to it.

Against Enutrof. On most cases they will be chance. The one major problem with this though is if your using an intel cherry blop set which is very popular they are going to devistate you. In addition your whyrming mostly will be killed in a single shot due to it's low water resistance. But apart from that, these will psossibly be one of the easiest classes for your to face. why? because you can whip their summons. In addition, they are very good at keeping you far away..but that actually does not matter entirely as you can match their range. In addition you can retreat, summon and force the player to walk towards you. But also beware that they can obliterate your summons with 'unsummoning..but unlike the awesomeness of your whip, it will cost them around 4 ap and doesnt have as great range. I reccomend being more aggressive vsing them.

*pause. Rather time consuming so ill have a break and finish it off later tonight*

(items i need to sort out to relevant levels. Problem was as i put them in they would alwyas jump and stack at the bottom of the page.Very annoying. >=( )
*Still need to finish off equipment as well as adding the various weapons and making the font flow well.

Items to look at
Elya Wood's WandElya Wood's CloakElya Wood's Wedding RingElya Wood's Talisman


Graytess Cape

Talisman Dalyfbotes
[dofusitem=8819]Ouassingue Cape AmunitaAykido MedalBow'hee Talisman[dofusitem=11563]Ellie's Mental AmuletBattleflag AmuletOuassuletPlimclikRoyal Mastogob AmuletSleet AmuletOugaabeltPants FordamemoryTengu Snowfoux BootsDeadly Night CapeBiibl BeltPierced BootsBatouta HelmetNose RingFire BwakPeki[dofusitem=9117]Ougaammer

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GOOD GUIDE just u state some wrong info u say GENRAL OSAMODAS LEVELING GUIDE while this build STRONGLY focuses on INTELIGENCE lol what about us vitality osamodas......

and other types

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Score : 798

And what about us chance ones tongue nah, im kidding. pretty cool guide, one thing that also helps for a suportive osa is a wepon like hammer ican for osa or boogey. hammer ican is better imo

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Score : 1590

Im a intel osa with 200 intel is kitsou good set to have also?

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Score : 118

I'm portuguese and i play on spiritia with a chance osa.

I'm level 64 and i hit 150~220 + 150~220 with my tortoi hammer and hammer skill.

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Score : 41

nice guide! biggrin

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Score : 331

ok i'll include some of your requests and try finish most of it off by today


@manoverlord just a few questions! so is that 200 intel in total? what level are you now and whats the rest of your stats? smile

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Score : 9

Hey I was wondering as I'm a lvl 54 OSA with 424int and 178vit should I be lvliing more vitality now or what? Also u make think this is stupid but these are the spells I have only leveled now HES lvl 4 gobble lvl5 boar lvl5 also punch if crackler lvl 5 and also animal blessing to lvl 5 and feline movement lvl 3. I do this as very spell lvl 48onwards will be lvl 5. I also led feline movement for the 6mp on the dragon summon at lvl 100. Also here is a list of my int and vit set. Not quite completed but close though. Dora 65int , hooded cape 41int, cherry blop set 189int, and also a 34 int red sacra ring and also a fire Kwak sword 13int best until I get lvl 60. Also I lvl 30 baker and farmer. Also should I get summoning of chsferfu and release? I also used lightning strike to lvl 54with lvling it though. Gonna go get more vit for my go tubby. Also atoll 60ill get a Peki and for stats would u recommend getting 200int then vit onwards reply if u do thank u

Also the thing is I'm pretty broke so getting release will be tricky as it 200kk plus i.m guessing. Also should I forget stats then make themall int until lvl 60 then it 200then lvl vitality onwards?

Also my top hit was 223with cracklers punch 80with fire kwak sword 20 with crow and 56 with ghostly claw.
How should I manage my lvling farmer baker professions and lvling? Also I would really like a gelano but they are so
Pricey is there any other ring that gives 1ap and does not reduce any characteristics? And should I get a god rod at lvl 67? Sorry about being so full on with the questions I new to this game loving it though

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Score : 331
Howbie|2010-11-09 22:06:00
Also my top hit was 223with cracklers punch 80with fire kwak sword 20 with crow and 56 with ghostly claw.
How should I manage my lvling farmer baker professions and lvling? Also I would really like a gelano but they are so
Pricey is there any other ring that gives 1ap and does not reduce any characteristics? And should I get a god rod at lvl 67? Sorry about being so full on with the questions I new to this game loving it though

hi howbie!
if your an intel osa and plan to go into higher levels i would actually level intel to maybe 300 so you would finish by level 120 then either do vitality or wis. If you plan to aim for epic higher levels i would actually recommend just putting all your points into intel. (so by the time you reach 200 you would have around 419 base intel Because of the reasons i put under the heading 'Ideas On Point. Strategy.' Your spells seem fine although personally i find gobbal and boar are always competing against each other...but since you have leveled feline movement, you could just summon boar first, then smmon gobball and use both feline movement and HES on gobball so he would not fall behind boars push back?

since you have punch of crakler i find that would actually replace lightening strike. Since you have boar already i dont think you should worry too much about getting release at this stage, but have another look at it later on when you get your better summons and unlearn boar and replace it with release to lvl 3 or 4 and boost another buff. I would not really reccomend lvling chafue as that summon seem doesnt function as well as your other summons would. so you would not get an orchid dragon turkey at level 60? That can give you 80 intel + 50 vitality at full level. You could always try looking for a ring of satisfaction that has the least -intel> Also stats do not go into the negitives so lts say you got one with -50 agility and had 20 already, Although it would appear you had -30 it would just be the same as having 0 agility. If this is still to much then i would just go with a god rod to make up for not getting the ap bonus in the ring. But if you plan to always use crakler punch then maybe you dont need the ap bonus so much as you wouldnt be able to cast it twice anyway unless you had 10 ap? what do you think? Maybe if you went with an excellence Kings staff which would give you +75 intellegence and around +30 vitlaity and also some small resistance.

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Score : 9

Hey I need to ask how do you forget spells? Also I have forgot lightning strike and also if I follow ur advice on lvling int all the way then at lvl 60 should I get a peki from the
Firefoux dungeon and then that would give me 400vit? Also I'm subscribing in 60 hours and I'm getting a 1 month subscription should I get the go tubby as I have 46 gobble dungeon keys? Ur thoughts on this and thanks for replying. Also 1 more thing what lvl should I forget gobbal and boar?

Hey also if I forgot goball should I make ghostly claw lvl 5 and also if I Forgot boar I would make release lvl 4. Also I have 4 free spell points then and I was thinking on make bear cry lvl 3 and toad lvl 2? Would this be ok?

So if I did that when I lvl 100 these would be the lvls of the spells. animal blessing lvl 5 ghostly claw lvl 5 feline movement lvl 3 bear cry lvl 3 toad lvl 2 release lvl 4 cracklers punch lvl 5 fangs of boowolf lvl 5 natural defense lvl 5 summoning of bwork magus lvl 5 summonging of red wyrmling lvl 5. That is what I'm planning to do. Also I think I'll make 200int base then 200vit then all int. Also what set would be best? I'm thinking a int merged feudal set int merged gelano and a 400 vit peki? Would that work? Also should i.make my farmer then baker lvl 100 because as far as I know at lvl 100 in a profession u get 1000 extra pods and I think that would come In extra handy. Pls reply and thanks for all ur help so far it has been very good.

When you get back to me could you pls thoroughly explain how to forget all stats and how to forget spells (as I want to forget gob lvl 5 and make ghostly claw lvl 5). Would I be able to still play only having 1strong summon but then I have cracklers punch and ghostly claw. Also until lvl 60 should I ghostly claw and then crow if I'm. Going ranged?

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Score : 331
Howbie|2010-11-10 05:58:00
When you get back to me could you pls thoroughly explain how to forget all stats and how to forget spells (as I want to forget gob lvl 5 and make ghostly claw lvl 5). Would I be able to still play only having 1strong summon but then I have cracklers punch and ghostly claw. Also until lvl 60 should I ghostly claw and then crow if I'm. Going ranged?

The way you unlearn spells is by going and defeating all of the class dooplons at the class temples (including your own ). To find them open your map screen. See little pictures of classes? go to those positions and enter the tmples (not the stattes but the temples) You then exchange the tokens youve got with one of the people inside the dopple house to unlearn a spell of your choice. When i say unlearn, it just means all the points you put into that spell are taken away so its not like your loosing the spell or anything. regardless of what level the spell is it will go back to lvl 1. Stats? you defeat a single doploon from a class temple then go talk to the class temples instructor and you can reset all your stats. But you can only do this once so be careful. Other than that you have to go do a quest at Otami island, which will be rather hard to do.

Also did you forget to include summon crakler? This is the prime summon for osas so must include smile . Maybe sacrifice learning fangs of boowolf so when you turn 101 you can upgrade ghostly claw to 6! (which does A lot more damage) So you might want to think in advanced about being able to get your lvl 6 spells because of that. But other than that it seems good!

For me i found if your going to only have on summon for the meantime sometimes its better to go gobball since gobball generally does higher damage (not including pushback) as well is nromally able to attack twice (as boar keeps pushing them away ) but this is your choice! (just make sure you have itleast one summon for distraction and to use your buffs on) Yup i think a vit piki would be very helpful ( :.

Ok so the set sounds good but also look over the royal cherry blop set as thats rather good (or is that what you mean by intel gelano? )
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i have seen a gelano with 30 int and 1ap for 2.3mk also i forgot aobut summoning of craclker and that will be lvl 5 for sure. also need to ask should i unlern animal blessing? and also how many doploons for spiritusl leash also i will make ghostly claw lvl 6 by not lvling relaese to lvl 4 but 2. also does my osa sound reasonably ok? stat and spell wis so do you think if when i was lvl 101 i would be pretty strong?

also what spells should i make lvl 6? i want to make crackler fang of boowolf summon of crackler ghostly claw bwork magus natural defence summon of wyrmling also osamados doopple? is this a good idea?

I am subscribing in 24 hour and I think I will go to my class temple and get the spell spiritual leash and also forget animal blessing and make ghotsly claw lvl 5 is that a good idea?

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One is that as soon as you've spent 200 character points on intelligence (which would take exactly 60 levels. ) you start spending them on vitality. to get your intelligence to 300, you'd need to dedicate the next sixty levels for this. In comparison to vitality, this would give you 300 extra health. So the main question then becomes 'well what's better 300 health or 100 extra intelligence.?' My answer would be 300 health. I'll explain my choice. Lets look at pets. for a maxd bow meow, you can get 80 intelligence bonus. what's the comparison compared to a vitality pet? well, the answer is a ghost with 150 intelligence.

what does that tell us? It tells us that the moderators give out pets


And why disregard mounts in this?
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Capwi|2010-11-11 10:02:00

And why disregard mounts in this?

You cut the sentance off halfway : (
It was more of an example of how equipment is balanced out in stats. But your right i'll need to include mounts, it's just theres such a large range even for one element type builds.
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I was being nitpicky. Moderators don't give out pets.

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When will you complete this?

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I am a vit Osa lvl 50 (as in pure vit) and it works just fine for me. 10AP and 4MP. My summons are my only support but i made sure they would be a good one. I haven't tried PVP yet, but PvM is working well. So yeah, so far so good.

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Is this all still relevant in 2015?
I've just made a new Osa, though I have an 80 Iop so I know some of the basics of dofus, I'm concerned that I might know absolutely nothing about levelling an Osa or levelling in general and botch it all up and have to spend time resetting things later on to be even slightly viable in later combat.... SO here I am, in the hopes that I can learn the class and the levelling progression and not waste my time xD

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Most of it is still useful. Osas have not changed a lot, just don't put a lot of faith in your summons, and keep in mind that Leash is a far cry from what it used to be.

Other than that, I'd say most everything else is still relevant enough, and you can make adjustments on the fly if you don't like something.

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Revil-Nunor|2015-01-07 03:40:41
Most of it is still useful. Osas have not changed a lot, just don't put a lot of faith in your summons, and keep in mind that Leash is a far cry from what it used to be.

Other than that, I'd say most everything else is still relevant enough, and you can make adjustments on the fly if you don't like something.
Thanks for the reply! smile
I'm sort of just learning as I go now, I decided to go INT Osa as that seems the most standard and straight forward to play.

I've levelled Ghostly claw, my Gobbal and am in the process of levelling buffs now, like Shot and toad, then I'll save for Crackerler punch when I need too.
And hopefully that will be right. (Stats wise I'm just going to go for int until 300 try to scroll Vit to 101)
If you have any suggestions for me, be sure to let me know! they would be much appreciated!

Thanks again.
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