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Str iop help. Kama/exp/build

By ownage-pwnagetwo - SUBSCRIBER - August 19, 2011, 01:46:20

So i made an iop three days ago and right now it's level 70. I made it 70 for agi until 90 but i put my points all into wisdom (cause leeched in frigost like a boss).
I've seen a lot of str iops hit amazing so i thought i should make one. Once i hit level 100 I do not have a set to wear. I'm confused on what to get that will get me 10ap. Please post your ideas on where i should level and what set i should get and how much the set would costs. Thanks folks!

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So 10 AP's...
Giving you're talking about a lvl 100+ set and almost every amy gives AP you need 2 more u can't go wrong with a Powerfull Dazzling Belt and a Gelano (duh!).

For the rest of pieces I think gargoyle set is pretty nice (although it's more int/str hybrid, you have wis in all pieces making it a really balanced set imo). Add Chief Bwork hat for extra wis and range (don't remember anything better).
Weapon? honestly I don't know. Face Ceangal? Pink claw? Maybe someone else can give you better advice here.

Good luck

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