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PVP AGIL IOP set/Build (LVL 150s)---Help/Comments? ._.

By Xsilentone - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2012, 18:03:16
Currently: Lvl 133
Class: Iop
Build: Agil/Vit

Stats: (At work can't log so stats are not exact, + or - 10)

-Vit: 2740 (not scrolled and don't plan to)
- Agil: 500 (1/2 scrolled)
-Str: 110 (1/4 scrolled)
-Wis: 140 (not scrolled and plan to later)
-Int: ??? (Don't care right now...scroll later)
-Chacne: ??? (Don't care. Probably will never scroll.)

Build: All points in vit and scroll Agil/Str/Wis/Int. Soft cap for agil is so bad so not worth it to put points in.

Set: (Every piece is Agil/Vit maged)

Hat: Solomonk
Cape: Cape Ricious
Amulet: Dreggon Amulet
Ring: Mastic Ring
Ring 2: Mp/Ap Gelano
Belt: Xenature
Boots: Harry Boots
Weapon: Zoth girl hammer (agil/agil dmg)
Shield: N/A
Mount: Camo Eme/Ginger lvl 100

Since this is a pvp build the higher the vit the better it is. At lvl 133 I have a base hp of 2740 and when I use vit spell turn one I have around 3250 hp. I can hit 500/500 with zoth hammer per turn and about 320/320 with celestial sword (when both are buffed not counting mut).

FUTURE SET: (Lvl 150s) I need 1/2 crit for this set because I'll be using Ice Daggers.

Hat: Solomonk
Cape: Cantile Cape
Amulet: Frigostine's Amulet
Ring: Cantile Ring
Ring 2: Vit Gelano (daggers give 1mp so changing from mp gelano to vit)
Belt: Frigostine's Belt
Boots: Frigostine's Boots
Weapon: Ice daggers (agil/agil dmg)
Shield: N/A
Mount: Camo Eme/ginger lvl 100

Set Bonus
-Cantile (2 piece):
3 Neutral/Earth/Air Damage, 3 Crit, 2 Lock
-Frigostine (3 piece): 20 Agil/Wis, 3 Crit, 1 Summon
I Think every piece has +crit and with the extra +6crit from the two sets it might be enough to get Ice Daggers to 1/2 Crit without using a Turq, but I still need help with this set. I have not bought anything yet. A problem I'm facing right now is that I don't want to use a gelano and think it's a waste of space, but I kind of need the extra ap for triple daggers. Please help me with this set =O EVERY comment will be read and considered. So Fire away!
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Hello. After taking a look at your post i think you can get the frigostine ring(exchange with gelano)
And get a exo ap maged solo hat with that combo you are if not at 1/2 your really close to it.
And the solo exo ap is so comon now days so you dont have to pay much.

Sorry for bad english biggrin

Greetings jox.

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Hi, im currently exactly level 150 agility iop and my stats are:
Vitality 2802 ( all points went to vitality and haven't scrolled )
Wisdom 94 ( haven't scrolled anything yet )
Strenght 155 ( just half scrolled )
Agility about 600

the damage i do is 600 a hit when buffed on critical, 9ap 5mp and my set is:

Hat: Solomonk
Cape: Cape Tenfture Amulet: Frigostine's Amulet
Ring: Lord of rats ceremonial ring
Ring 2: Mp Gelano ( still saving for mp/vit, because lost too much money on ice daggers, lol )
Belt: Frigostine's belt
Boots: Harry Boots
Weapon: ice daggers (agil/agil dmg)
Shield: N/A
Mount: Ebony dt

atleast in kolo this build is very good smile

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