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Returning to the game, need help with a int build

By S0uLB0unD November 09, 2012, 14:50:25

Hello, returning to Dofus after a hiatus reason I'm creating this thread as I'm going to reset my stats and roll int (till about level100). So I need some help on what spells to level, what gear to buy (I have more than enough kamas to afford anything), and in which areas I should be leveling (I am level54 right now, I solo).

Or if you could link me with an updated Int Iop guide that too would be great biggrin

Thank you in advance.

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Well Strengthstorm was nerfed to 2 cast per turn per target and still 3 cast per turn. Destructive Sword has also be reworked. Telling from the activity log, you left some time in July and just returned right? I guess those two aren't any news to you.

New to Dofus 2.8: Sword of Fate has been moved to level 90, range 1, the spell completely reworked now working like a mini-Wrath with 2 turns charge instead of Wrath's 4 turns charge, albeit with less damage of course.

Those three spells mentioned, you definitely want to level. Also might want to level Jump, Blow, Power, Brokle, Precipitation, Intimidation, Cut, and maybe Vitality and Poutch. Eventually at high levels you'd be using a weapon, buy/level the skill correspond to the weapon you will eventually buy.

Right now, endure leveling a bit more. From then on, it's the same gears as old Int Iops. Royal Gobball Headgear (Int maged) or Dora (Int Maged), Hooded Cloak (Int maged), Excellent Kings' Staff or God Rod, Xelor Amulet or Royal Cherry Amublop, Feudala Belt, Feudala Wedding Ring, Animal Boots, Gelano.

Leveling should be made on/in Kanigers, Treechnid Forest, Sidimote Moor. If you're looking to get leeched, best go to Island of Frigost.

S0uLB0unD|2012-11-09 14:50:25
I'm going to reset my stats and roll int (till about level100). (I am level54 right now, I solo).
If you're already level 54, I wouldn't reset to Intelligence until level 100, and then reset back to Strength again, if I were you. It is very tedious work once you have used the opportunity to reset in Class Temple with the use of a Doploon, which you can only do once per character. If you really want to keep to Strength in the long run, stay strength and find a guild/group of friends whom you can team together and aren't bothered about your temporary lack of power. Int Iop has become a great build after the recent update, but Strength Iop will never be weaker than Int Iop, that you can be sure of.
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