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[Help] Int Iop

By July 30, 2013, 22:23:49

Hello. Recently got back into the game so I really don't have an understanding of everything.

I'm planning on playing an INT Iop in PvM and I was wondering how I should distribute my stat points, seeing as how Int softcaps to 4:1 really quickly.

I have an idea of the general skill build but I'm having trouble deciding on what armor sets to use.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks~!

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Intelligence (fire) Iops you should scroll Intelligence to 101 if you can. Regardless of that, you should put all your characteristic points into wisdom or vitality as any other stats are fairly useless. I strongly suggest picking vitality though. It's just like other unorthodox builds from other classes you definitely don't put points into the stat with low softcaps.

What you wear "armour" really depends on your level, since I don't know that I cannot suggest anything.

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You should scroll int and set put all the points into vitality then get brainbox trophies.

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