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What's a decent strength/int set for some one who doesn't have deep pockets?

By danan October 08, 2013, 11:25:40

Hi all,

Just figured I'd ask those of you who have more kamas to throw around. What would be a decent set for a strength/int Iop after moving on from the obsidemon set for some one who doesn't have deep pockets. Both int and strength are fully scrolled and I have access to a level 100 jeweler and jewel magus. I also will soon have access to a level 100 shoemaker, tailor, and their respective maguses. As for kamas I usually have 20-25mk to play around with per month unless I'm lucky and can afford to sell more ogrines than usual

Thanks in advance for all replies

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The strength/intelligence gear from Kolosso isn't too shabby, while it isn't a set, you can use an Awmigawd Band to get to 10 ap.

And since it is Frigost Two gear, it won't break the bank.

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