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endgame str/int set

By Cute-Fire - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 11, 2013, 15:01:28


I am reaching endgame with my iop, but I am not sure which set I should give her.
I want:
Str/int set with 12ap and 5mp. I want to use a weapon that deals damage (so not something like xa shovel)
No fri3, no orce, no exomages (exept ap/mp gelano)
I do have a 18crit turq and enough drops to craft anything that is needed (exept a few pebbles)
I have some ideas myself, like Otomai + kolosso set ( Click here ) Henual set with random stuff ( Click here) and a set based on the new vulkania set (

Click here)

(These sets are all on the same char so you can swap between them by clicking on stuff 1/2/3)
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Out of those 3 i kinda like the one based with the henual set. Pretty good stats and pretty close to each other and 3.8 k hp is pretty good to.


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