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Int/str hybrid help

By Andreast November 08, 2013, 20:40:29

Sorry if this is already answered on another thread,

i decided to make an int/str hybrid since i also play with another str/agi sram
so far have i scrolled 101 str and int and decided to put points in str to the base hit 300 (to the 4:1 cap) than start put points in vit

than i wondered if int/str hybrid is a nice combo or if i should be pure int or str instead.
i want to do both pvm and pvp(in the future)

and then what spells i should level and what set and mount/pet i should have.

the iop is low lvl atm (lvl 78) but i will leech him to about 90-100)
(would also like to know what spells to level in the future and what set i should have in the future tongue)

tyvm for the help smile 

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