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Strength Iop Advice

By msimmy - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2013, 17:19:58

I'm a level 88 Strength Iop looking for some advice on what equipment I should be using. Any help would be much appreciated.


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im currently a level 147 str iop. I found that at level 80 i was using a Royal Pippin Blop set with eme/ginger mount. Also any other str fillers are good. when you get to 114 you can use an ancestral set which is what i did and if you have one an Axel Shovel for the 1 ap is nice but not necessary. finally when you get to 143 a Moowolf set is a must. you will realise how much damage you can output with that thing. For trophies you want a cawwot dofus for levelling faster. and atm im using a Powerhouse, Maniac, Jackanapes, and Goliath. Hope this helps biggrin

forgot to say if your on the Shika server you can add me if you like and any questions il help you with. My iop is called Uber-Crunch

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As a purely pvm player, I took a little different approach to gear on my iop.

I believe I was using:
Royal Pippin Ring
Terrdala Hat
Farle's Ears ammy
Desire O'ball Cloak
Boowish Belt
Orino Boots
Whatever weapon I could equip that offered good wisdom (Yondanwa staff at 93 was something I used)
And since they took away SoI being range boostable, I would have to agree on the emerald/ginger mount being nice. The main idea was to cram on as much wisdom as I could while still being able to effectively solo things.

Ancestral is a very nice set, and if you have (or have the money for) the jackanapes trophy, it should serve you well. That trophy didn't exist when my iop was that level (and I was playing around being str/agi), so I used the White Rat set. That set and a gelano give you 10ap, and after having that, you will not want to go back to 9 most likely, however the wisdom of Ancestral is much better than WR, so go with Ancestral if you can get your 10th ap somehow.

Fortunately moo is sort of like WR, since it and a gelano make for 10 ap. Unfortunately, it is pretty much your best option all the way up to end game levels, so get (or make and mage) a good one because you will be wearing it forever.

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