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Help a noob iop

By bhezy December 03, 2013, 19:32:29

I'm a level 43 iop, I am a str iop with full gobball. I just became p2p and I started buying a earth kwak set. My question is, what should I look to build towards? Do I complete my earth kwak set or just piece together decent str gear. Also, where should I look to train? Thank you!!

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Earth Kwak set is definitely a nice set for low level players. Eventually you'll probably want to go for a Pippin Blop set and then a Royal Pippin Blop set.

And speaking of blops they are usually a good thing to train on for characters around your level. Or you could try killing Scaraleafs, which are also pretty fun, though you need to be careful not to attack ones that have 100% resistance to strength attacks unless you have someone else with you who can kill those.

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