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Intelligence/int iop gear question [help]

By Dahammer2806 - SUBSCRIBER - December 17, 2013, 19:26:35

So as I'm coming up on level 60 as an intelligence iop wielding a prespic set, amulet of luck, to silimelles wedding rings, I've noticed that I would like the next set I purchase to have a good amount of Wis as well as some intelligence to allow for soloing mobs given the close range of an iop and the soft cap for intelligence.

I already own a pink dragoone with 55 wis and a cawwot dofus. I have also already been given advice to purchase wabbit ears, moon boots, and all that but I feel as though I don't receive a good amount of intelligence from that set.

any auggestions?

SUMMARY(please read above if possible): looking for a set up for an intelligence iop that allows for good damage (int) and for faster leveling (wis)

thanks! Greatly appreciated guys!

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First of all, what I will be suggesting minimum 8ap so you will be able to jump+SS, or Power, Intim, SS. I also personally step up to 4mp by this time on my int characters as well.

Kam Assutra ammy until Stars Custard Tart (62)
Haks Or Belt
Eiderdoots or Golden Scara (feudala aren't far away, but give no wis, so I usually stick with Golden until Royal Cherry, Shika, or Animal)
Ouginak Cloak/Hooded
Jelleadgear (2 piece set bonus adds 20 int because you will be using....)
For weapon, perhaps an excellent king's staff until god rod (if you want 9ap), or maybe Ragnarok hammer if 8ap is fine.

It is totally up to you, but I really like mounts once you get to them. Personally, I like the trade of 30 wis for 60 int and 100 vit. If you dropped your pet and equipped a golden/orchid mount, that is the trade you would be making (25 wis, 60 int, 100 vit at lvl 100). At that level, you are usually trading vitality to get both stats and wisdom, so the boost from the mount can definitely be a lifesaver at times.

I did have the luxury of being scrolled, but this is basically what I had on my iop at that level. He was strength, but I scrolled int, threw some int equips at him, and Strengthstormed my way to Sword of Iop. Also, I did a lot of leveling at Otomai beach because most things there are easy to run away from and avoid damage. Good luck with your Iop.

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wow thank you so much for the very detailed and intuitive reply. I really appreciate it and was not expecting such a good response! and yes i see what you mean about the mount. I had the intention of purchasing a mount once i got to that level. So should i also invest in scrolling int to 101 along with str? (yes i know thats A LOT of kamas :p) because i've been pumping straight vitality after i got to the >20 soft cap ( mostly for 1v1 pvp) is this a bad choice?

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You should be saving up scrolls to scroll int, vitality, and wis. It is nice to scroll them all eventually, but those 3 are the most important in my opinion. Vitality before wis if you mostly pvp, or wis before vit if you do more pvm.

If you can force yourself to, you should be fighting dopples every day. You can trade the doploons for scrolls as well as the pvp currency, so scrolling shouldn't take too horribly long. You can also (once, and only once) reset your stats with one doploon. Once you are set with scrolls, reset your characteristics, scroll your primary stats to 101, then use your character points.

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