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SoJ Iop

By StonedCherri - SUBSCRIBER - January 12, 2014, 22:20:35

Howdy guys,
I want to make SoJ, Kolo Iop
I will be around lv 150ish.
Can it be devastating??, and what items to get?

Money isn't problem.

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Judgement Iop = intel/agi build, except hitting ALOT less if judgement is all you're gonna work on. It's once per target and the heal is really weak.

But it uses DS,CS, SS, Cut, DS, and Fate effectively

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im a soj iop and i hit pretty well im 181 i have 520 agi 450 intel 274% power and i hit around 700-800 per soj when buffed and about 500-600 on a normal hit i use class ring aswell as bootahoop i have no los on celest ,SOF is 3ap, power is 2ap , no los on poutch , and 8 range on soj kinda just hide behind walls and hit and run its a good build but if you wanna do it properly like me gonna cost 200mil easy with orche and crimson i got on. . atm im using a maged tengu set no boots ougaa amulet maged vit and power 41%lol. 1ap1mp1ini gelano. and a zoth warrior axe with the neut hit agi but i hardly use CC bought it because was the same price as the rest . major powerhouse and powerhouse 60 agi and intel trophy , and a ivory ebony mount ive scrolled everything to 101 except chance still on 50 which was a waste of money for the ini u get .. im 11\5 atm which is ok as SOF is 3ap and power is now 2 my strstorm hits are around 450-550 which aint all that but good for 3ap move . i can easy beat a agi or intel iop just by using SoJ at 8 range and hiding and running..

at 150 ish id go for buckaneers set and whatever other peices u feel you need . but if you are going to rely on SoJ id invest in a pair of boot a hoop.

currently waiting till im 195 so i can swap my tengu peices with the 75/60 agi/intel sleet set i have. but ye have fun and let me know how it goes

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