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By Trakaissss - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2014, 08:51:03
Hi all !
Finaly i rached level 200 and i wonder what is the best setup for Str iop in engame ?
Thats my Gear at the moment.
(Link to character page - Click here)

  • Peccary Blade
  • The Kim
  • BrouceyRing
  • Broucey Belt
  • Broucey Boots
  • Ogivol's Cloak
  • Awmigawd Band
  • Eroclite Amulet
Trophies :
  • Major Goliath
  • Major Maniac
Im oppened for your suggestions, because im looking to maximise my srt iops dmg.
With respect
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Trakaissss could you tell me what gear should I get if I want to maximize my pods for my farmer?

My current pods is 6,228

Gear not great but I don't know what else should I buy to greatly increase pods because I'm little bit tired of running so often to bank to put flour there.

Gobball Amulet - 10 str, 10int
Bouze Lite Yeah's Ring - 25 vit
Gobball Belt - 348 pods
Gobboots - 34 vit 7%power
Gobball Headgear - 36 str 32 int
Staca Noviste's Rucksack - 1500 pods

Edit: So sorry if that's not the proper topic for that but I just asked you because you seem like a person that would know some proper stuff and also because you have Farmer and Baker profession.

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Get an
prof xa cloak
1 mp trop (or dofus)
1 ap trop -1mp trop (or 1 ap dofus, if you have dofus drop the 1 mp trop)
more str trophs
Drop awhmygawd for gelano 1 mp 1ap (or something with at least 1ap and no ap boundries)

If choosen for gelano go get a pet with 80/90 str (mount is also fine or pets mount, but i went for damage/12ap/5mp)


make ur own topic
get more profs lvl 100 (i have 6 profs lvl 100 and thats a total of 10 000 pods including the 1000 you start with)

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