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Making an agility iop

By TheNightMayr - SUBSCRIBER - January 22, 2014, 11:50:56

Hello forum-goers. I decided iop is the next class I will be experimenting with and I wanted to do something I don't see as often in kolo so im making an agi iop. I already have the set built you can see it by clicking the link below.

Click here

If you don't want to click the link i'll give a brief over view ofThe set. (Keep in mind this set has no over mage and the only exo mage is an ap/mp gelano)
The set is a 10/4 800 agi 3000 vita set. The + dmg for agi (divine sword included) is 140.The cc weapon is porkeez daggers which is 1/2ch.

Now i'm probably going to level dual because it is an agi spell and it will help keep desirables near me. (Opinions?)

I'm also considering leveling pressure because dual does damage based off eroded hp (at least that's that wiki said).

Now my idea using porkeez daggers is that with brokle making the daggers hit max every time i can burst down the main problem (be it eni, osa, or feca). 10 ap still leaves me with most combos i will want to use. I can use celestial X2 for harass if I'm not ready to go in, if I'm already in the battle i can dagger X3 celestial, and also presp will let me have a burst turn of an extra celestial and while I'm in the weakened state after i can still dagger X3. Any ideas on what can be changed/done differently. Thanks for the input.

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The problem agi iops have is that they only have 1 strong spell. which you can only cast two times and can only be effectively cast on range 3-4 (without commiting suicide)

I would advice to add the spell sword of judgement (no line of sight and decent agility damage).

GL with the build smile 

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I would not reccomend making an agi iop. Ater the global revamps they have fallen from 100% viable to novelty.

Atm agi iops get outclassed by str and int in every single way possible. (pvp and pvm)

Unless you have insane funding for dofuses and/or frig 3 sets. I wouldn't recommend making one.

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