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Inteligence Iop 199

By damian19911 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 28, 2014, 13:28:18


i am int iop 199 now i have 150 points in Inteligence and 440 in vitality its time for scrolls i want to scroll 3 charakteristic

Question 1 ) Should i scroll Vitality, Inteligence, Agilty or Vitality, Inteligence, Wisdom ??
Question 2 ) What is better Int iop(for dmg) or Str/Int(for dmg) iop or Int/agi iop (for dmg and heal) ??
Question 3) If i want to be Int iop how many points i should give in inteligence if i use scrolls ?

I know that is hard to say who is the strongest.

Kamas is not problem for me i am really rich ( i dont want spend money for scrolls i want use only my doploons)

If you will tell me that this one is the best i want to know build and trophies like rationale for your answers

Thanks Everyone.


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what i did (same lvl)

scroll vit wis int str and agi (i was str before. but i would raise all other 4, if only 3 can be raised drop agi to, wisdom prevents ap/mp loss + cut can remove some serious mp)

From here on i put all my char points in vitality and only raise intel bij set and trophies. I have now a total of 4500 hp with 900 int 500 wisdom and 200% power.

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Can you show me your EQ ? i am from shika and i dont know what items do you combinate. i believe that you have 12/5 but if i count i have max 850 int, 120 fire dmg and 100% power and this is low. Can you show me your EQ ? smile)

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