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int iop scrolling

By kinfdofus February 01, 2014, 04:30:24

So I've decided to make an int iop, and due to the soft caps of int being so low it is essential for me to scroll int however I have heard that vitality is an important stat also to scroll aswell as int, my question and concern is this: - how important exactly is it to scroll vit? I mean would it be ok to just scroll int and pump stats into vitality? or should I scroll int AND vitality? Please note that my funds are pretty tight so if it isn't such a huge deal to scroll vitality then it'd save me a bunch of 'k'. Another question is that since I'm leeching it what should be best lvl to stop? I'm thinking around the 12X mark because I have parts of RM set already as well as a maged Nettlez, so what gear should I use at that lvl?

Thanks in advance, Squal.

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This is the problem. You get leeched and then you need to find a way to summon a giant bag of kamas to fund your equipment and scrolling. But no matter, here's my advice:

Scroll vit before int. This is important, especially if you're poor. You will never put points into intelligence so it's not urgent to scroll that.
All your points should go into vitality, so scrolling vitality to 101 is a must.

After that, dump all your points into vitality. You can scroll intelligence and whatever else (wis/agi) in your own time.

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Yea what I'm doing, what I always do when I leech characters, is while leeching the char I use my main to get kamas for the sets etc, but thx anywayz for the quick reply much appreciated smile

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