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what build ?

By brakeit - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 05, 2015, 20:07:17

hi all i got iop level 184 ! it has 200 str 100 int/agi as primary char points and rest vit .. i can scroll him as well but i cant decide what build to go :/ i want to be good in kolo/pvm and as well doing some pvp myb ?XD anyway iwas thinking between multy but some spells got nerfed( which wasnt fair tbh ) so meh what build would u suggest me ? i want to use it untill 199-200 tho not changing it in 1-2 levels but i am planning to get inky at 191 biggrin btw i got around 50 mils to spend cheers

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I would suggest Str because it hits like a truck and can take a few hits depending on the gear you put him in. There are some good custom set for around that level but not many full sets for str if I remember correctly.

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i hate questions that systematically require a biased answer. its all down to preference mate. strength is the most affordable / easy to play with but u can choose another build as long as you master it . it's your choice

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If I understand correctly, and mentioned stats have been used from characteristic points, then you're a mess at this point.
From my experience, combining builds will never give you fulfillment in gameplay, so I suggest:
1) Choose the build (many opinions, much more statements why) Strenght is king of course biggrin but i prefer to use agility because of PvM (best agility damage AoE)
2) Get the reset orb - Otomai island dungeons
3) Watch some kickers in kolosseum at youtube and get inspired
Good luck, don't give up wink 

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