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iop build

By yolene1 November 12, 2015, 03:14:45

Im 199 iop i just came back to dofus before i quit a year ago i was fully scrolled but now im torn between being intel or str or being int/str and idk what items would be best for me can anyone give me some ideas?

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I've heard that people nowadays only go for one element with regards to Iop. But honestly, I went str/int on my 200 iop and he kicks ass. Juggling between Sword of Iop and Iop's Wrath is very rewarding, even if I don't hit as much as a full int or full str iop would obviously.

It depends what you like and how you will use the Iop (pvp/pvm). Some great gear is unlocked at lvl 200 so maybe you should make your way to the final level. Just my thoughts.

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