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New Iop needs help.

By Xaejin December 11, 2015, 23:24:02

Hey guys, i started playing this week and choose iop. I was looking for a guide but all of em looks outdated and i heard that some of iops skills changed.

What build should i follow? Pure str or str/int? How should i distribute stats if str/int. And what skills should i level in both builds.

Every bit is appiciated. I really dont know what to do.


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Some of the changes that may have made guides you look at outdated are:
-softcaps, that is, how many points a stat costs, have been changed and are all standardized: they are the same across all damage stats.
-base damage of spells have been modified because of the soft cap change
-the character level at which you get spells may have changed

Both str and int and even agi builds are good, but I feel like the str build is the most straightforward and simpler to play.
Whichever build you choose, focus on your build's main attacks(Pressure, Sword of Iop etc for Str) and your general spells (Jump, Power, Blow, Precipitation, etc).

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